MIG-25PD in 1/48 from Kitty Hawk models

I am a huge fan of cold war Russian machines, specially MIG-25 and MIG-31 and even thou this kit was highly criticized on some forums, I think that it is a must if you like this plane. I changed some obvious mistakes made on the model, scratch build some stuff and used eduard PE set all around, changed the wheels with resin ones and basically that’s it.

01/22/15 Thursday

A) SC every 30 sec for 8 min 75% of 1RM ((125))
3 rounds
B1) 20 KBS 1.25pd R:10
B2) 20 WB 10’ height 14# ball
B3) C2B AMRAP ((15,10,7))

3 min AMRAP
6 Burpees
6 Thrusters 55#
Rest 8 min….repeat. ((4, 4+2))

10 min easy aero bike

SC was ok. Can do heavier next time. Still don’t like my form. 2-1 position still needs work. C2b was tough cuz you were out of breath and grip strength was shot. No special reason for drop off on rounds 2&3. Just felt like dropping off bar. 3 min AMRAP was tough trying to find somewhere to breath. Plus burpee king Kyle makes me want quit and I find myself lebering. Still feel wb’s from sun. Reminds me I hate sarah too. Who does 150wb and isn’t even fazed.