anonymous said:

to clarify, we'll have one hour to vote and i'm assuming that'll be during the course of the show and it'll be announce at the end of the show..?

the filming for the final battle is today (was on wednesday, 22nd october), idk if this will be aired on the 30th october, so next thursday. BUT the voting starts next week when the episode just airs, so I’m not really sure if we only have an hour to vote or 24h until the next day! 25h to vote <- I think we’ll get more infos about that tomorrow.

about the voting system in general: the 70% is divided into 5 ways, the fanmeetings, final battles <- which is today (was on wednesday as I said before), sms, line and facebook. after today we have 2 of 5 of the votings done, THE FANMEETINGS AND THE FINAL BATTLE VOTES. which leaves the remaining 3 of 5 left for NEXT WEEK. all 5 ways of voting will be added up to complete the 70% viewers vote to determine the members of ikon. how to participate

* I hope I could help with this explanation. so the main problem we have right now is that we dont know how much time we have to vote next week.