For Chanyeol; 05

Holiday: I’ll write our characters celebrating a holiday together.

“Choi Junhee, are you free today?” was the request of a particular male as his gaze remained on hers. The female, who happened to be packing up the remnants of some sweet delicacies, paused in her works to look at him. “Almost, if you are willing to wait for a bit,” she mused as her hands resumed their initial work of packing the confections at Dandy Candy. The grin was inevitably displayed on his face. “Good,” said Chanyeol approvingly as he went to take a seat at the cashier’s corner. After all, it was a premise that didn’t provide for seating customers and he knew better than to meddle in her field of probably high caliber.

Being a swift one, she was done before the sophomore finished counting the number of packets on the nearby shelf. The petite brunette blinked at him out of curiosity, and that certain mien of hers never failed to make him smile. The twenty year old did prove to be rather amusing to him, even if they were subtle and subconscious traits. “Where to?” asked Junhee aloud with the imperceptible tilt of her head. To her query, the tall male had the audacity to respond in a rather cheeky and elusive manner. “I’m going to kidnap you,” he had declared ever so casually as he hopped off the seat and took firm hold of her wrist. Surely she had no say in this turn of events that accompanied his act since he proceeded to run out of the place with his younger companion.

His long strides were easily countered with her quick, short ones. Although her walking style pertained to the former rather than the latter, it was because of the unexpectedness that caused it to change momentarily. “Seriously though,” began Junhee lightly as she scrutinized his face. “Where are we going?” He only gave her a suggestive look. “Somewhere special,” said Chanyeol with a fond smile. And so that, was that.

After a while, the both of them reached a wooden-based structure, perhaps being two-storey. By then, the sophomore had already released his grip on her wrist. Strange enough, an elderly lady was there to greet them. The delight on her tired expression was obvious, and it was clear that both Chanyeol and the lady had conversed before. “I see that you’ve brought a friend along,” mentioned the elderly lady approvingly. “That’s nice of you.” Nevertheless, he was quick to deny - whether it be of fake or genuine modesty. The aforementioned lady beckoned them to enter the place and so they did.

And Choi Junhee was only quick enough to trail after the energetic Park Chanyeol to see him getting swarmed by children.

She was bewildered, at most upon witnessing such a sight. She didn’t understand their immediate adoration. The way they craved for his attention and whatnot. Then she eventually realized, however, what this place was. It was a children’s orphanage. Plus, for the little kids to love him so much would mean that he was a frequent visitor. “… Chanyeol?” questioned Junhee blankly. Despite piecing some things together, the brunette still couldn’t understand as to why he even brought her here - dragged her even. It was a perplexing matter in her eyes. With much affectionate difficulty, the male managed to untangle himself from the parent-less children and threw a smile at her. “Aren’t they a bundle of joy?” he remarked plainly.

The twenty year old, truly, was unable to decode the meaning behind his words. She stood cautiously by the doorway while he played with the children, first rolling a ball for a boy and then impersonating a toy dolphin’s voice for another. Perhaps he was able to multitask, since he was helping someone build a house of blocks while cheering for another one’s success at fixing the jigsaw puzzle. His attention, though obviously divided for good-willed intentions did not seem to dampen their emotions at all. It caused them to admire him even more, if she dare say so herself. Yet she remained by the entrance, somehow unwilling to join in the endearing scene when out of nowhere, her apparent patience broke.

“Park Chanyeol,” said Junhee softly. Upon hearing his name, he looked up at her. “Yes?” he responded. A wry smile appeared on her face. “Come here for a bit,” she briefly mentioned. Although they weren’t the closest of friends, he knew that her words meant something serious. So he smiled at the children, reassuring that he’ll back in a bit and made his way towards her silently. Both of them walked over to the other side of the wooden premise and only when they were not in anyone’s hearing did words escaped her.

"You do remember that they are orphans, right?" she had asked. To her supposedly harsh inquiry, he only nodded sincerely. It prodded her to continue. "You know that you can’t be here for them all the time right?" she spoke once more. Though her question might have sounded weird, he merely nodded once more. At last, Junhee managed to articulate her inner thoughts. "Why are you giving them a false hope?" she finally said. At that, the smile that was worn on his face would have made it seem like he was prepared to answer this all along.

"Well, first things first," began Chanyeol patiently. "These children were brought up here without even the knowledge of who their parents were. The kids over here are the survivors of the war in a nearby district. So they live and laugh without realizing the emptiness due to their parents’ absence. I chanced to find this place, and I’ve been coming here ever since." A pause was what he took, since he needed it to take a breathe. "And it’s not a false hope if I’m genuine," he continued. "I do care for them. I know them by name; by heart. And we, Junhee, as those who lie between the adult and children group, should learn to embrace them." A grin flitted upon his face as another sentence was made audible. "After all, it’s Children’s Day today," whispered Chanyeol.

Junhee’s eyes widened at her apparent insensitivity, and he only smiled in affirmation. Having his actions clarified, he turned on his heel to return to the waiting children. She was hesitant in following, because she still didn’t understand his motives completely. However, as she caught the sight of him carrying a young child over his shoulders with a bright smile - she finally knew. It was really daft of her to be unable to grasp the simple concept, but at last she was able to decipher the situation.

Everyone deserved and deserves to be loved.

#250613. still trippin over RYPE placing third.. we started the medley Friday & we were about to dip but we still gave it all we had & I guess that payed off in the end! (Honestly, we’re still all convinced Russel looking like Psy saved our asses.) But, thanks Jordan, for giving me and Dylan the opportunity to compete in the adult division with all those crazy teams, and to Kristen, Phanie, Memo, Russel, Ate Devin and Ate Michelle for believing in me and Dylan being capable of keeping up with both teams. Fresh to death, even leaving all those cuss words in the medley. HAHA. And let’s not forget my RAW babies. 6 months of work was not fruitless, and even though we didn’t bring home a trophy tonight, we still left it all on stage and ahem lets not forget showstopper. I have enough fried food to last me a life time. Del Mar, you’ve been good to me.


Dan tadaaaaa, gue ngetik ini masih ada di ruang 28 CC Barat. Udah diingetin satpam kalau udah jam 11 dan harus sudah caw. Di depan gue masih ada Tito yang ngedit-ngedit proker, lalu Ka Tando yang mulai ngantuk dan jalan mondar mandir dengan nu greentea madu ditangannya, dan sebelah kiri ada Gengki yang megang tisu dan idungnya mampet. Dan Ka Taruna sama Ka Ewin lagi ngobrol ditangga ngadep lapbas yang kita intip dari jendela sekre. Semua orang di sini, Lapar.

Yah hari ini berniat mandi dan kampus pagi. Pas mau mandi disuruh cuci mobil dulu. Jam 10 kumpul di himpunan, jam 10 juga baru gerak ke kamar mandi. Buru-buru siap-siap ke kampus, pas mau berangkat orang rumah mendadak minta tungguin mandi dan siap-siap dan anterin ke metro margahayu. Semuaaa orang rumah ke Bogor. Whatthe……..

Nyampe himpunan pas azan zuhur. Langsung ngartistik ajaaaaa, ah cinta sekali dengan hasil backdrop hari ini. Jam 15.00 lagi motongin sterofom ada jarkom, satu jarkom diklat,d an satu lagi jarkom kumpul hari ini jam 3. Jarkom masuknya jam 15.15. Omigot. Maafkan yak.

Siang ini isinya himpunan. Jam 18.30 forum di studio RK. Kelar jam 21.00 paaaaas, pergi dari labtek 8 lantai 4. Lalu pindahlah keruangan ini, CC Barat R 28.

Simingits semua! Buat rapat ring 1 besok malam :’)

Beginning; A Blast From The Past

The earliest memory that Hoya could recall was at the age of probably six. Why? Well, most people remember something that impacted them — don’t they? The same reason goes to this protagonist right here too. It all began in a cosy home not too far off from the town in Busan, the days where Lee Howon was merely a kinchin:

“Howon!” I heard my mom calling out again. “Breakfast is now ready.”

I groaned and continued to dawdle on my bed, covering the blanket all over me as if I was a sushi roll and frowned. I then heard footsteps coming and I quickly popped my head into the blanket, pretending to be in a deep slumber. Man — was not I a naughty child back then, hating to wake up at the proper time and such. As I waited for my mom to come and storm in my room to try and wake me up, the sound of—I assumed—her footsteps slowly disappeared. I then got out from my ‘shield’ and sat up. “Is mommy gone?” I said loudly.

As a kid for six years, my skills in trying to fool people were not that great, to be frank. I was then caught red-handed by my mom who came in the moment I made my statement. “Howon!” She came in, sounding rather pissed. “It’s 9AM. Wakey wakey!” “NO!” I told my mom stubbornly, hugging a cat plushie that was given to me on my birthday. My mom then came to the bed and started tickling me. In the matter of minutes, I laughed and it probably meant that I was routed. “Be a good boy and eat your breakfast, alright?” “Okay, mommy.” I said, now obedient to her word.

Soon I was done and I came running down the flight of stairs as I also ran my fingers on the wooden railing. “Wheeeeeeee!” I dragged my words in glee. Before I knew, a pair of hands grabbed my hips and lifted me up. I was soon turned around and I saw that it was my father. “Daddy!” I said with my grabby hands out. “Good morning, son.” My father said, chuckling at what I now assumed, actions. “And what must you say when I say ‘good morning’?” “Good Morning, daddy.” I said, grinning from one ear to another. He then brought me down and placed me on the baby chair. I was not that big at the age of six, so I guess I could still fit it that time. He ruffled my hair, smiled and said, “That’s my son — I knew you’ll remember.” That too, got me happy.

My mom then came down not too long after that and we all had breakfast together. Then a ringing sound was heard. “Ah.That must be the phone. I’ll go get it.” My mom said to herself and then patted my head. “Don’t worry Howon, mommy will come and feed you again.” I gave her an assuring nod and she went to take up the phone. At that time, my father went off too but he soon came back earlier than my mother, holding something that was pretty to my eyes in his hand. “Dad-” I said but was then cut off by my father as he placed his finger on my lips. “Don’t tell mommy, okay?” I was confused back then, so I did not say anything which was pleasing to my father as he quickly hid them in a drawer nearby the table.

I saw my mom scrunching up her face when she came back. My father chuckled and asked, “Why the face, Soohee?” “Your friend called,” She said, her face still scrunched up. “He told me some really random things like ‘Hey Soohee! Do you know why chickens can’t cross the road without their intentions being questioned?’ I felt weird, but I just asked why and he chose to say, “Can’t tell you!” and changed the subject. Ugh.” She then proceeded to feed the hungry me and I opened my mouth wide willingly. To be honest, I did not really understand the whole conversation but I just decided to continue listening cluelessly. She then smiled and then frown again. “Seriously though, what’s with that?”

“Well, you’ll know the reason now.” My father said as he went to the drawer and pulled out the aforementioned article that he placed there. I was still bewildered as to what was it, but my mother definitely was not. “Flowers!” My mother exclaimed. Flowers; is that what they are called? “It’s the second time,” She said, receiving a the bouquet of flowers and smiled amorously at him. “You didn’t need to do that, Kangji.” “I’m going to do this from now on,” I heard my father explaining. “So that you won’t need to be insecure no more.” They then hugged.

But all I could stare at was the thing she held in her hands. Flowers, she said.

They are so pretty.