geçen bursaya gittim işte eski arkadaşlarla görüşüyoruz ediyoruz bir çoğu üni okumuyor işinde gücünde en düşüğünün 2500 maaşı var amk benim babam 1800 falan maaş alıyor.. çoğunun sözlüsü nişanlısı var altlarına araba falan çekenler olmuş dedim helal olsun ne diyim kameralar bana çevrilince okuyorum amk elde neyim var hiç bir sikim yok 

  • me:*writes fanfiction*
  • me:*works in low-key and subtle symbolism pretending like I'm some super-deep and complex writer*
  • me:...
  • me:*instantly wants to explain all the symbolism to everyone without the least bit of tact or subtly*

ALL, every penny, goes to support fundraising needed to produce
A Feature Length Documentary about VICTIM CULTURE during 2015…
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 First 500 people to purchase a ‘no means no’ T-shirt will have their name at the beginning of the end credits as a special thank you for supporting our project. <3

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2500+ followers insanity workout

hey everyone ^^

i’ve recently met the 2500 followers, which is a holy cow how is this possible quota, and i dont follow that many people because

a) i can’t possibly check out 2500+ blogs 

and b) college doesn’t let me check anything at all (which is also why i haven’t been online that much)

so, what i am proposing is that the ones of you interested in being mutuals, or me just checking their blogs, to send me a message, and this will result on the following:

- rating from 1-10

- promo (basically, i’ll answer all asks publicly)

- me following the blogs i relate with 

The rating and promo are for everyone. Those who i already follow and wish to send me an ask are more than welcome. I’ll probably do this until Wednesday or Thursday, who knows

(keep in mind that my blog is a anime/manga/comics/series/movies/occasional DA blog and that it might take me a few hours to answer all the asks)

Thank you for the unbelievable 2500+ followers and hope to hear from you soon