Political Prisoner Birthdays in May

May 12th
Alvaro Luna Hernandez
James V Allred Unit
2101 FM 369North
Iowa Park TX 76367

May 21st
Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa (s/n David Rice)
Nebraska State Penitentiary
Post Office Box 2500
Lincoln, Nebraska 68542-2500
Address envelope to David Rice, address card to Mondo we Langa

May 31st
Douglas Wright #57973-060
USP Terre Haute
Post Office Box 33
Terre Haute, Indiana 47808

Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur) — 317-117
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH, 44505

ALF Prisoners

Earth Liberation Prisoners

Anarchist Black Cross

Black and Pink

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anonymous asked:

how many calories do you get per day? do you think vegans can get away with eating more (calorie wise) and not gaining weight? just curious to hear your thoughts.

I usually eat around 2000, but lately I’ve been eating like 2500 or more haha just because I’ve been eating so much vegan junk, but I don’t normally do this. yup I do think vegans can get away with eating more because plant foods are so nutrient dense and fiber and water rich :) 2000 calories of plant foods is very different than 2000 calories of meat and dairy! 

New Releases

Trying to play catchup! My apologies for being late on this post!

April 21
Vasco, Loco, Skull “Catch Music if You Can” (single)
DCLAT “XSLXQM” (single)
Zzpa “Miss Right” (single)
Wilcox “In Planet” (single)
2500 “Beat Shower Vol. 2” (single)
신세하 “24Town” (EP) 

April 22
CRIMEBEATZ “Flower” (single)
8crayz “Trapped in Ninety” (single)
Fatdoo “나는 잉태되었다” (single) 

April 23
Csp “맘에 안들죠” (single)
Unpretty Rapstar Compilation Album 

April 24
StillPM, J.slow “That’s Right” (single/MV) 

April 27
Kay P “Coma” (EP)
Junweather “Never Die 2/3” (single)
Birthday427 “I Know” (single) 

April 28
Kissum, Lil Cham, Jace, Bora, 아동가 “Feedback” (single)

April 29
Konsoul “Good” (single)

April 30
Joosuc “Floatin’~ The Best Day of My Life” (single) 

May 1

May 4
Snacky Chan feat. Tablo “딸바보 (Dummy for my Daughter)” (MV)

May 7
Gowe “Music Beautiful” (LP)
Crucial Star “Boyhood” (EP)
CODE KUNST “Crumple” (LP) 

May 11
Hunger Noma “Pray Hard” (EP)

anonymous asked:

Hello my lovely how much are your credit card bills I want to help bcos u are such a vegan angel and I want to cheer you up :)

~$ 2500 lol I’m crying right now

anonymous asked:

31 for the prompt thing maybe? something with Cullen

Drabble Meme Request
31. “You lied to me.” (Cullen x Lavellan)
~2500 words, NSFW-ish

I’m so sorry this took so long. And then it turned into something so much longer than originally intended. Oops.

[AO3 Link]

As she trudged up the stairs to her chambers, Elaria could feel the dull burn in the muscles of her thighs. It had been four days since their fight with Crestwood’s High Dragon and still every bone in her body ached. The beast had been magnificent – by far the most powerful foe she had slain until now. Even here, back at Skyhold, she thought she could still smell the scorched earth and the metallic scent of hot blood. Perhaps the smell had just burned itself into her skin. Or perhaps she really just needed a proper bath. Preferably in a real tub rather than in a freezing cold lake. She grinned at the memory of Bull’s approving smile as he had helped her climb down from the dead dragon’s back.

“You almost smell like a real Qunari now, boss,” he had told her as she had wiped the dragon’s blood from her forehead before it could get into her eyes.

“And that’s a good thing?” She had laughed, adrenaline still rushing through her veins. It had almost made her feel a bit light-headed.

“Mhm, better than usual at least.” She had tried to nudge him in the side for that but had only managed to slip on the blood that had been pooling at her feet, which had just made him laugh even louder.

Now she couldn’t wait to get the stench of the dragon off of her. She pulled herself up the last few steps and almost stumbled into the room.

She was not alone.

Elaria stopped dead in her tracks, so startled that her stomach clenched in fear before her brain could tell the rest of her body there was no threat. Because she recognized him immediately. He stood by her desk and had turned his back to her, but she would have known those broad shoulders anywhere, even without his signature armor and coat. Those blond curls were also unmistakable of course.

“Cullen,” she said. “Creators, you startled me.” She made a few steps toward him but stopped when he didn’t turn around. Something about the way he leaned on her desk, his shoulders tense, made her feel wary. “Cullen?”

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lifeofacagirl asked:

Hey! Just saw the long back + forth banter about your calorie intake. I've been averaging about 2500-3000 on my HCLF vegan days and I lose weight and feel amazing after doing that for a few days (I'm currently transitioning so not every day is HCLF). Just wanted some friendly thoughts and facts sent your way :)

THANK YOU. Calories shmalories.