Day 24: A character you wish was in the anime

I will forever be upset Touko didn’t even get a “World of Pokemon” segment. I mean I though having her be a rival  who knew Dento would have been neat too but not even a tiny anime appearance in those little movie segments?  

I used a lot of the quiz book because dorky Touko is my headcanon Touko.

Credit to pacificpikachu for the scans! 

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An AU in which Percy is a minor God who fell in love with Nico, a  mortal borne nearing the era of Trojan War. Nico eventually died during the war after Percy refused to assist him (because gods weren’t supposed to interfere, let alone a mere minor god like him). Devastated by his lover’s death, Percy confronted Aphrodite, asking why she had to make him fell for Nico if she ended up separating them.

Aphrodite, offended by his confrontation and his criticism on how she ruled her realm, cursed Percy so that he would fall in love with every single one of Nico’s reincarnation, only to lose him again and again in similar way he lost his first Nico: Nico’s soul would forever meet a tragic death in battlefield because Percy was unable to help him. Indirectly, Aphrodite also cursed Nico’s soul to always been reborn instead of settled to the Isles of the Blest after his third heroic life.

Realizing his mistake, Percy begged for the goddess to revoke her curse and punished him instead. Aphrodite was moved by his sheer amount of love, but her curse couldn’t be undone. Instead, she put an exception to the curse, that it could be lifted if Percy could save the life of Nico’s 25th reincarnation—the one Son of Hades who also happened to be the child of prophecy.

(inspired by poem 25 Lives by tongari)

I hope each of us start acting

  • not only as mankind but as a kind man,
  • not just human but also humane.
  • not just as a part of humanity but also have humanity.

And consider that

  • LOVE isn’t only a word but a world.
  • KIND is not just a noun but also an adjective.
  • WE is not for seclusion but for inclusion.
  • CONSCIOUSNESSisn’t just awareness of one’s self but of others.
  • LIFE isn’t only for existing but for living.

I think that would make the world a whole lot better.