Endure and Survive Story, 24. The Fleeting Bliss

Rating: M
WC: 3435
Pairings: Kristanna
Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure, Horror
Summary: The world as we know it was lost 13 years ago, thanks to a cordyceps virus that turns humans into the deadly infected. Anna Bell and her sister Elsa have taken refuge in the city’s quarantine zone, where rations are scarce and executions of suspected infected run high. When the sisters meet Kristoff Bjorgman, a fellow survivor with plans of escaping and finding a cure, they must choose to stay in the zone, or risk it all in hopes of finding the one thing to ensure their survival. A Last of Us/Frozen crossover.
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A/N: At last, this is it. The smut chapter. If you’re not comfortable with reading sexy things and such, then at least read the first part, because there’s some set-up you’ll need to know for the next chapter, and then just stop whenever you’re comfortable. 

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