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Tony once got the idea to create a lightweight replica of Mjolnir. He would then nonchalantly carry it around for the day, seeing how many people he could fool into thinking he of all people was worthy of lifting the hammer.

Hardly above a harmless prank, Thor agreed to help Tony with the endeavor, but then decided to play a prank of his own, switching the replica with the real thing while Tony was distracted.

Tony never noticed, and Thor has yet to tell.

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Conrad Smith y yo :3 (Conrad and I today at Hotel Emperador ) | Fue el unico y el primer All black que salió a recorrer temprano la ciudad, salió con los medicos que se ven allá atras y si andaban vestidos con los equipos de los all blacks era facil de reconocerlos. Conrad un crack ♥

Ma’a y yo (Ma’a and I at Hotel Emperador today) | un groso Ma’a! fue uno de los ultimos que salió pero un groso la verdad le pedí para sacarnos una foto y dijo si re buena onda, ademas cuando me estaba sacando la foto con Liam pasa y me dice ”gracias” me mató! Aparte porque me dijo gracias no? igual le dije gracias a ustedes! :P PD: salí mal en todas las fotos xD

BOSTON \ As @isladecorredores posted “if you’ve lost faith in human nature - go watch a marathon”

It’s been a pleasure watching the training from these hard core women - from night run on the Brooklyn bridge to running Milan Marathon as a casual training run

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Have a great race all runners
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I told them time over time, but it all seem like a joke to them. I stopped trying and faked my smile for years. They finally believed me after I broke down crying and screaming.

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