Infinite Special Fan Meeting - Lotte World Hotel, Busan 24 Feb 2013

As pretty much the only westerner in a group of 400 Japanese fans I think I can safely say it was a memorable event seeing and meeting the boys! Here’s my fan account. I’ve written notes on each event and then summarized what I saw on each of the guys!

The Live event: 9pm-10pm (a lottery was drawn for seating, with roughly 400 seats)

Songs performed:
The Chaser
That Summer Song
Before The Dawn
Be Mine

In between songs, the guys answered questions from a Korean/Japanese speaking host who translated between the languages. As my Japanese level is very low I missed a lot of the detail, but I focused on watching the guys closely instead! 

Two people were drawn as winners to come up on stage and cut Woohyun’s birthday cake with the boys. Seven other winners were given a present from a member, and got their photo taken together.

Photo session: 10pm-11pm (around 30-35 people per picture, a lottery again for position)

Some disorganisation meant for the first few pictures, the guys hung around on stage between group photos with the fans. It made for great entertainment watching them just interact with each other and the fans who rushed up to touch/talk to them. I’m sure some fans took pictures of these ‘inbetween photos’ moments, though I didn’t. Some fans got to sit right next to a member, and the boys changed positions for every single photo so you really didn’t know who you would get.

Hi-touch: 11pm onwards

As we left the theatre in rows, the guys were lined up outside to give us a hi-touch. This was super quick, one hand only, and there really wasn’t time to talk to them. Hoya was the first in line, Sunggyu the last. By the time I reached him, I had built my courage, squeezed his fingers a little and told him he was sexy in Korean. He said thank you in very formal Korean ^____^

Now for what I saw on each of the guys:

Hoya: He did the ‘special girl’ dance with Dongwoo. He also did a lot of dancing around generally between the photos, and smiled and waved a lot to fans. Some fans threw a hat to him on stage, he put it on briefly but then took it off and just held it until he went backstage. His personal gift to the fan was a pair of sneakers which he then tried to put on her feet. He kept doing the ‘you say Ho~’ chant with girls in the first few rows.

Dongwoo: Man this guy never stands still! He was dancing and pulling faces to fans all the time, so cheery and lively. He also did a lot of skinship with L as they were sat next to each other for the interview. His present was the first to be drawn and he didn’t know what to do with the fan. He put his arm around her and just kept walking around with her until the photographer stopped him. He then waved and smiled at all the other present winners as they left the stage. He kept throwing in random English - ‘yeah!’ ‘of course!’ ‘We are special boys!’

L: I never noticed how much L sticks his tongue out during the dances until today. It’s out all the time! He sang a solo song briefly in the interview session, but one of the others made him laugh so he kind of messed up the ending. He sounded really confident though. During the interview, something Woohyun said also made him laugh so much he doubled over into Dongwoo, then got up and walked offstage until he calmed down. When the girl came on stage to get his present, she was kind of hesitant, so he walked over, grabbed her by the hand and took her centre stage. He put his arm around her for the picture and everyone made jealous noises. During the photo shoot, he brought his camera out on stage and took some pictures. He also spoke some Japanese, and the fans really loved him for that.

Woohyun: Came out to the side stage to sing during ‘that summer song’  and fans ran up to the stage and grabbed his legs. He was loving it! So much aegyo, as we would expect from him. I get the feeling he just loves meeting all the girls, really revels in it. The girl who won his gift got to make a heart with him. He made a lot of eye contact with girls in the audience and threw them kisses and hearts all over the place. He also was the last to leave the stage, kept going back to throw another heart. He sang a verse of a solo song in the interview part, maybe it was one from immortal song? One more thing: during the photo sessions, one young boy was on stage, one of the youngest fans I saw there, and he was crying. When the other members and fans were handled off the stage, he hung back and hugged the little boy, and talked to him. Fans applauded him for that.

Sunggyu: He answered a lot of the questions from the interviewer. Woohyun tried to make him do the ‘special girl dance’ after Infinite H did it, but he just laughed and sat down. Inbetween photo sessions, he looked very shy on stage, kind of looking out at fans and just waving every now and again. When his present winner walked towards him, he held out his present so far from his body, it was like - TAKE IT AWAY. But when fans rushed up to him between the photoshoots, he bowed deeply and shook their hands. So sweet.

Sungjong: My bias, so I was watching him the closest of all. ^_^ I was amazed by how tall and manly he looks in real life. He’s just all legs and amazing glossy hair. Not so cutesy as he often looks in photoshoots. He looked very controlled and calm through most of the event, but laughed a lot when Sungyeol was describing his favourite animals. He actually turned away to cover his face he was laughing so hard. The others wanted him to do a ‘special girl’ dance but - oh so disappointing - he just got up and sang the words ‘without you’ then sat down again. I was stood pretty much behind him for the group photoshoot and so many people just grabbed his shoulders without asking :( boo. As a hair perv I can report his hair was so lovely and shiny up close too! After the photo he stood up, turned around and said thank you right to my face and bowed. I was so dazzled I just said thank you back. It was such a cool moment~<3 One more thing. During the cake cutting, all the others crowded around the cake for a picture, but he just hung back, like he was too shy or too cool to join in. 

Sungyeol: Was the quietest of all during the interview, but he was connecting with fans closest to the stage constantly. He actually seemed to be planning to get Sungjong to do the special girl dance, but it didn’t actually happen. He was very lively and smiley with fans. He touched Sungjong’s leg A LOT. He was properly stroking it. And between the photoshoots I saw him miming blow jobs at the other boys. During the cake pic he jumped up and down in the background, he was so lively! He talked about his favourite animal being some kind of dog… sorry my Japanese isn’t better!

OK that’s all I can really remember, but feel free to ask me anything about the event ^_^ Just click the ‘ask’ circle on my tumblr page.