- Extend living wall to fit 2400mm across

- Double wall at butterfly roof meeting point, leaving room for storage space in-between and bracing for Box Gutter. 

- 2 x Steel I-Beams at external north wall, to brace, with steel framing x 2 in middle of wall. 

- 3 x cross bracings in north posts and sides.

- Get rid of beams at south wall -  not needed. Rafter sits on top plate of centre wall. 



Looking at potential Material for arch frame and cover…

Estimating costs per stall and per person..

$11.25 for framing and,

$10.00 for cover


Joshua Lewis:


12mm Plywood at 1200 x 2400 : ~$35

Each support uses 2400mm strips at 50mm wide, and stall requires 6 supports. Therefore 1200mm can make 24 supports, and at 6 per stall thats 4 stalls per sheet…so ($35/4) each stall is $8.75 of worth of ply.

3mm MDF: 1200 x 2400: ~$10

Each support requireds the same lengh of MFD as plywood. Therefore ($10/4) each stall requires $2.50 worth of MDF.

Corrugated Card Cover: 1200mm Wide Roll 75m: $115 

Based on the equation C=2(pi)r to cover the stall frame will require approximately 4.5m of corrigated card. However at 1200mm wide the corrugated card will have to be halved and placed side by side in order to make the 1800mm width. Therefore each stall will take 4500x1.5 = 6.75m of card…so 75/6.75 is 11… and $115/11 is ~$10 per store!

HOWEVER these are quoted from based on easily accessed stores such as Bunnings and have no discount.