A high school honor roll student encouraged her friend to kill himself before raising thousands of dollars for suicide prevention… and FAKED sorrow at his death in the follow weeks. Future serial killer anyone? She’ll probably get little-to-nothing for her actions and will go on to live a relatively happy life, probably change her name, and move on. People will defend her. Just wait…  

Tell me…what does her being an honor roll student have to do with any of this? No one is calling her a “demon” or a “thug,” but we must all know her academic accomplishments? Is anyone delving into and reporting on her parents’ records. Does she smoke weed? I mean, what kind of reporting is this? (sarcasm).

The Evil In Us : Chapter 24 - Chaos Coma

Shadow: Immortal
Warden: ???
Amy: 23
Knuckles: 28
Rouge: 28
Aurora: 5
Tails: 20
Cream: 18

Amy walked into the cave’s room slowly, closing the door behind her and looking up to see everyone staring at her with an annoyed expression and crossed arms of disapproval. She let out a nervous chuckle at this as her ears drooped, she then took a deep breath and let it out before speaking,
“Ok. I know you all are upset about me bringing him here. But-“
“UPSET?! What in the world would make you think I was upset?! Maybe the fact you brought a traitor and enemy to our hideout or it could be that he sunk my island and precious Master Emerald IN THE OCEAN!!! No Amy, I’m not upset. That’s an UNDERSTATEMENT for what I’m feeling right now,” Knuckles growled out at her, giving her a stern and impatient glare.
She let her head hang a bit in shame, a bit embarrassed in herself for not letting the team decide first but she was just following what her gut was telling her to do, and that was bring him with her.
Either way, she knew she had disappointed the team and they were all obviously pretty upset about it. Her eyes locked on the ground and stayed there as she bit her bottom lip to keep quiet while her friends took out their anger with their words.
“Do you REALLY a think it was a smart move to bring him here??? All he has to do is sneak away and we’re done for! Eggman would KILL us if he found out about this place!! And I don’t know about you honey, but I’m too pretty to die in this rut,” Rouge snapped with a rotation of her neck for emphasis. Cream remained silent as did Tails. Cream just glared at Amy, obviously even she was disappointed in her for this move.
Finally she spoke, “And think of Aurora! That monster could hurt her Amy, why would you bring him closer to her???” Cream furrowed her eyebrows to show she was trying to understand Amy’s logic but couldn’t.
Tails stared at Amy, not out of anger. He was the only one who wasn’t mad at her. He seemed to be trying to read her mind, to know what she was thinking instead of threatening her actions was stupid.
Shadow held his hand up to signal them all to keep quiet, looking at Amy who was looking very hurt by their words, “Rose.. What’s going on that you’re not telling us?”
Amy looked up at Shadow with worried eyes, scared they’d think she was insane if she told them. She took in a deep breath before speaking, “The Warden is Sonic.”
They all paused, their eyes widening in disbelief and shock at her choice of words.
“Amy! It’s not funny to joke about Mr. Sonic’s death, and you should know that more than anyone!”
“I’m not joking Cream! It’s the truth! Sonic is inside the Warden!!”
“Please Amy, do you even hear yourself?! That’s insane!! You’ve lost it from all the work and beating that monster has put you through,” Knuckles added.
“No I’m haven’t Knucklhead! Im being serious!!”
“She’s right.”
Everyone turned to look at Tails, he was still staring directly at Amy, staying quiet the entirety of the conversation up until this point, “She’s telling the truth.”
“Oh for chaos’ sake, now the brains of our team has gone mad. We’re toast,” Rouge said dully and unamused.
“No. She’s right. She’s not insane and neither am I. I’ve known for many years now. The moment I saw him I knew actually. He’s my big brother.. And.. I know what’s wrong with him.”
“WHAT?!” Amy yelled out in shock, rushing over to him, “What’s wrong with him?? What do we need to do to bring him back??? How can we save him?? How long will-“
“Amy calm down and let me explain,” Tails said as he put his hands on her shoulders.
Amy breathed in slowly and out again as she nods, “Ok.. Sorry. Continue.”
“Thank you,” Tails nodded to her as he looked at the others, “He’s in a state called the ‘Chaos Coma’. It’s when you’re lighter self is captured inside and overthrown by your darker self. It only can happen to those who wield the ability to fuse with chaos, and even then it’s very rare for someone to have a dark side. It’s admittedly quite painful for Sonic, he’s literally tortured by dark chaos every second he’s trapped in there.. His worst nightmares becoming a reality for him.. But we all only know of three hedgehogs who can wield chaos, and that’s Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Sonic is the only one who can transform into so many different forms with chaos, one of them being his dark form. His dark form and light form are his most powerful forms and are equally distributed when chaos is balanced inside him. In other words, if Sonic feeds more positive chaos than negative, which he always does, then he goes Super. Not Dark. But it’s my theory that Eggman has somehow found a way to inject or feed negative chaos into him, causing his anger to rise and for him to turn Dark permanently. Or at least.. As of right now it’s permanent until we find a cure.”
Tails finished explaining and looked to see everyone staring at him dumb-founded, not understanding fully what he was talking about. So they all looked at Shadow, the other chaos wielder, for confirmation.
Shadow looked a bit shocked and concerned, “He’s telling the truth. Chaos Coma is a very drastic and deadly thing.. I thought it was just a myth until now.. But.. It seems I was wrong.”
Amy then interrupted, “Wait wait wait wait wait. How did you know about Sonic’s dark form, Tails??” She looked at Tails with her hands on her hips as she tapped her foot, which he chuckled nervously at and sweat dropped, “Heh heh well.. You see.. He told me about it.”
“WHAT?! He told you but he didn’t tell me?!”
“Well, he didn’t want you to think any less of him Amy. And I highly doubt he would’ve told me in the first place but he thought I could help him get rid of it. Sadly he was wrong,” Tails explained.
“Oh brother..,” Amy muttered as she sat on one table they had in the room. He heads covered her face in frustration with the entire situation, she then blinked and looked at Tails, “Wait. Eggman was giving him injections that he said filled him with rage. You think that now that he’s stopped taking those he’ll go back to normal??”
“Hm.. It’s an interesting thought but I’m not sure.. We’ll just have to observe him.”
“Well.. I kinda sorta.. kissed him yesterday..”
“WHAT?!” the entire team said at once, shocked she would even think of doing such a thing. After all, the Warden was NOT Sonic. Just a parasite using Sonic’s body.
“W-well I thought maybe it could bring him back! A-and it almost did!”
“What do you mean it almost did??” Knuckles asked the obvious question everyone was wondering.
“Well his eyes turned bright emerald green like they used to be and his quills and fur lightened up to almost his original cobalt blue color.”
“So he seemed to be transforming back when you kissed him???” Tails asked with almost too much enthusiasm.
“Well yeah. Pretty much,” Amy responded with a shrug.
“That’s brilliant news!!! That means there’s a possibility if we fill him and surround him with enough positive energy then the light chaos inside him will take back over! After all, chaos is enriched by the heart and he LOVED you Amy,” Tails said with a bright smile.
“He loved all of us,” Amy said with an equally glistening smile of hope.
“Exactly! So this could work!! I mean, just imagine what AURORA could do for him-“
“Now you hold up just a minute foxboy, Aurora isn’t going ANYWHERE near him,” Shadow said sternly with a glare as he crossed his arms in defiance.
“But Shadow, he-“
“HE is still a monster, Tails! HE is a killer and she doesn’t belong anywhere near him until he’s fully himself again!”
“.. Um.. Where is the little pipsqueak anyways?..,” Rouge asked as she looked around for her.
Everyone looked around and noticed she was gone, their eyes widening as they realized the only other place she could be.
“Warden!” Amy and Shadow shouted in terror at the same time, dashing at the door and swinging it open.
The sight they found behind the door was the most shocking thing they had yet to see all day..
Aurora was sitting on the Warden’s lap, teaching him how to fold his gloves properly.
“And then you fold all the fingers down and-.. Oh.. Hi mommy! Hey sweet thang,” Aurora said with a smirk as she winked at Shadow.
Shadow furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as to why Aurora was ok and not hurt, Amy merely giggled at the sight giddily.
“Ew. You like HIM?.. He’s kinda a grouch though Tiny, you sure about that one??” the Warden asked as he slipped his glove back on and allowed Aurora to stand from his lap.
“Mhm, I’m sure. He’s totally drweamy,” Aurora gushed as she began to daydream about Shadow. Shadow merely blushed a bit and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly as Amy leaned over to him and whispered with a smirk, “Oh yes. He’s a real monster.”
Shadow growled a bit at her comment with the roll of his crimson eyes before taking notice in the Warden’s own pair of orbs.
They seemed.. more.. alive?
More.. emerald..
‘Maybe faker is coming back after all,’ Shadow thought to himself as he crossed his arms, falling into deep thought.

The Tweet (with a capital T)
Justine Sacco. Does the name ring a bell? Try ex-senior director of corporate communications for IAC. No? Okay, try: Justine who tweeted ‘Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!’ before she boarded her international flight, and was fired by the time she landed in Cape Town. Yes. That Justine Sacco.

What was she thinking?

Jon Ronson, journalist and best-selling author of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, interviewed Justine three weeks after her trip to South Africa. She said, ‘Living in America puts us in a bit of a bubble when it comes to what is going on in the third world. I was making fun of that bubble.’ What was seen as a racist tweet born out of white privilege was actually intended as a reflexive critique of that very privilege.

Sadly, most people will probably remember Justine for what she said, and not what she meant to say.

Remember these three tips when tweeting:

  1. Cover all the angles: world views are as varied as the people who hold them. Draw up a mental checklist of all the possible audiences that could read your words, and view what you’ve written from their perspective … pre-tweet.
  2. Work those words: after you’ve constructed your tweet, keep rewriting it until it can’t be misunderstood.
  3. Let it lie: don’t give in to the urge to tweet immediately so you can say something clever or funny ahead of everyone else. Cultivate the habit of letting time elapse between when you type your tweet and tweet it, even if it’s only a few minutes. Those few minutes could save you a lot of pain later.

by Donna Radley for Writers Write