two cups of green tea
1.5l of water
muesli with soya milk
two kiwi fruits
carrot, houmous and alfalfa sprouts on wholemeal bread
red grapes
summer vegetable soup and sun-dried tomato bread with margarine
dried mango and cherries
date and walnut bread with butter
45 mins at the gym
1 hr 30 mins walking


The catering guys at work served aweful smelling cheese. And the air conditionibg system made sure you could smell it everywhere. The workday also lasted longer than we thought.

You know how I just love shamelessly promoting myself (like a boss)? 

Well, I’m doing it again. 

My most recent entry in the “Artistry Ain’t Dead” blog. 

I’ve tried to be as professional as I can about everything, not all “OMG SIERRA AND BLAKE AND OMG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!” I don’t think I’ve quite managed to pull it off but maybe after some practise I’ll start to get the hang of it. It was also pretty hard not to be too harsh regarding the support.

Anyway. Yes. I would love you all forever if you read it.