two cups of green tea
1.5l of water
muesli with soya milk
two kiwi fruits
carrot, houmous and alfalfa sprouts on wholemeal bread
red grapes
summer vegetable soup and sun-dried tomato bread with margarine
dried mango and cherries
date and walnut bread with butter
45 mins at the gym
1 hr 30 mins walking

Me. Honestly.

22.07.1994; I was born in the Bentleigh Hospital at 2.00pm into a wonderful family of now 5, Dad (Paul), Mum (Jennifer), Samuel and Hudson. Together we made the Kents. My father was a pastor of his own church “Brighton christian Church”
so i grew up in the church and had a secure loving upbringing.

I had birthdays and stuff here, but you know, memories dont really take me back that far but what i do know is that…

10.04.1997; Little 3 year old me got incredibly sick and was sent to hospital for a week. i almost died, but obviously God had other plans for me

12.09.1998(not the exact date, but i felt the need to put a day and moth before the ‘1998’); I officially asked God to be in my life :)

a few more birthdays pass..

04.01.2000; I started my wonderful education at lighthouse christian college. Here i met old friends. Elizabeth Perry, although we dont talk any more, you mean so much to me and i think about you often, i just never know what to say when i want to talk to you, we’ve known each other from birth…literally.

a few more birthdays passed…

11.05.2003; my first ‘boyfriend’. He went by the name of “Jack. C” …no idea what the C stands for… i liked him and he liked me. I had competition and she went by the name of Holly Brewer. one day i asked if he preferred me over holly, he said yes, my life was made.

…more birthdays…

24.10.2006; My first bitch fight. We were “KMSH” (Kent, Maclure, Seneveratnie, Holtam…all our last names) and they were “Shame” (who the hell knows what that means?) they hated us, and of course being in year 6, we hated them back for no reason. then we got into a massive fight, and then another group “AA” (Ashleigh and Amanda). I went crying to my brother Hudson, and he saved me :)

2007; the year of highschool. I fell in love with a samoan boy by the name of Stephen Taffua. He was amazing. Unfortunately my Bestfriend of 2 years at the time, Beth, liked him aswell, so he was out of bounds. although we both were roll monitors, so i got my fair share of one on one conversations with him ;)

2008; Bethany Holtam moved to Heatherton, we stayed best friends for a while, but of course we drifted after a few years..
My second boyfriend…well really my first ‘real’ one..but whatevs :P. He went by the name of Caleb Pickering. I was still fairly afraid of ‘going out’ with a boy, so that was pretty much an online, see you once a week at church, kinda relationship. one day after church he kissed me, it wasnt perfect, so ive pretended it never happened ever since it did. the same night i told him that we shouldnt kiss.

2009; caleb dumped me 3 months in to our ..not so perfect.. relationship. he blamed his mum. i admit i cried a fair bit before i went to bed, but i woke up as if nothing happened (I tend to sleep things off and wake up feeling fine)

Also, 2009, i moved to the amazing Waverley Christian College, here i meet my best friend Elaine Lalchand (http://youcantrytoresist.tumblr.com/). shes amazing, and i love her so much. although the school itself isnt the greatest, well good education but you know… the people there make every day of going to school worth while. :)

I also fell in love with a boy by the name of Matthew Tonkin. We were great friends, he used to tell me about the girls he liked, yes, it did break my heart and often i shed a tear or two. i think he liked me back for a bit, he just didnt want to admit it ;) hes a great guy, and probably one of the hardest guys ive ever had to get over. i did get over him.

01.01.2011; Mum found an email on dads computer which sent our familys world into a mad spiral downwards. all i remember was angry shouting coming from my parents room, i ran and cried to Hudson (my older brother) he said i was being stupid. i wasnt. Dad had been cheating on mum for over 12 years (thats over half my life…) with more then one woman. i dont feel any emotion towards it, ive just disconnected myself from the whole thing… Recently ive discovered things i think that have been put in my thinking by this situation. Eg. I was never so against sex before marriage until this. now i feel that anyone who has sex with anyone before theyre married will just cheat during the marriage. of course i know this probably isnt true…its just how i feel. I dont hate him, i hate what hes done to our family. My mothers parents moved down from Queensland to live with us, and help support us. They sleep in my parents old room, mum sleeps with me in my queen bed. Only my best friend Elaine knows what ive been through, im too afraid to tell any body else. im afraid it will just become meaningless gossip. its not. this has changed my life and shouldnt be gossiped about. Im very protective of my feeling now, i often find myself putting this mask of laughing and smiling when really behind it all i just want to hold someone and cry. i mean, i dont put this mask on often, just when i want to cry.

2010; Year 10 formal. I secretly wanted Matt to ask me…he didnt. I went with Jeremy Richards. Although i danced with Matt most of the time. it was lovely, i honestly didnt want it to end. when i was dancing with him i felt like i was walking on clouds :). Yes i did end up getting over him but that was next year…

2011; Year 11, 16. the main emotionally effecting this thats happened to me this year is definitely Vetamorpus (certificate 3 in christian ministries) and of course Boys…mix the two together and you get shit.

Caleb Pickering entered the scene again, we had a thing for about a month, we kissed quite a bit i admit, and i enjoyed it i wont deny, but i think i had more of a physical thing for him, not so much emotional. i mean hes a great friend, just not a boyfriend for me. anyway, i called him my boyfriend, we werent official, he didnt care. Our first real kiss, and my first real kiss was on his bed. yes sounds suss, but it wasnt, we were just playing around, and it just happened. thats when ‘we’ began…

any way about a month into me and caleb having a thing, i went on a Vetamorphus Camp, i had been on one previously in the year, they go for three days and are over the weekend. anyway, this time we went into Melbourne city. There was a boy there by the name of James Erskin. The first night we played get to know you games and such, i felt like i had known him forever. we had great fun together. i admit, i like him. the next day we went to the salvos place they spoke to us and such, then we had free time, so Alex Hutchison, Tim Jones, James and I went for a walk around the city. We ended up at QV (or something) we were all linking arms merrily :P James had his arm around my waist. While we were there alex and tim left us, and we (james and i) walked around looking for food… then it just happened. we kissed. i liked it. so the day went on and we kissed, a couple times more. anyway. That night Sheridan, Alice and I snuck into the boys room (Alex, Josiah, Luke, Joey Moey and James) the bad asses we are. anyway, i got tired at about 3am, went up on the bunk bed (Alex, shez, james, me, alice and joey were on the below) a few minuted later james joined me, of course we kissed a fair bit, then shez and alice rushed out, forcing me to follow. Honestly, i feel regret, but i also had fun. anyway

James later told me about who he “really was” Hes not a virgin. of course this effects me so much due to my father and what happened with him. i mean, it feels like i dont care at all, but then again it kills me. Ill get over it.
I told caleb  about me ‘cheating’ on him. he Forgave me, i broke up with him. hes so lovely, but i broke up with him because hes a lovely FRIEND and because i may or may not have feeling for james…i really dont know

Now here i am, 2 months till my 17th birthday. With what feels like a fucked up life. Its not. I honestly have a wonderful life, Supportive Grandparents, a loving Mother, The best friends ever (sorry if your finding out about my life this way) and a God who will guide me every step of the way. Hes preparing me a wonderful VIRGIN, doesnt smoke, get drunk or take drugs husband, because thats what i deserve. Gods given me a life thats worth living, not perfect, just worth every breath. I know hes the only reason im the happy, secure, loved person i am.

This is me.

You know how I just love shamelessly promoting myself (like a boss)? 

Well, I’m doing it again. 

My most recent entry in the “Artistry Ain’t Dead” blog. 

I’ve tried to be as professional as I can about everything, not all “OMG SIERRA AND BLAKE AND OMG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!” I don’t think I’ve quite managed to pull it off but maybe after some practise I’ll start to get the hang of it. It was also pretty hard not to be too harsh regarding the support.

Anyway. Yes. I would love you all forever if you read it.