Tue 13 January         NEWCASTLE Arena
Wed 14 January        GLASGOW Hydro
Sat 17 January          LONDON O2 Arena
Tue 20 January         LEEDS Arena
Wed 21 January        MANCHESTER Arena
Friday 23 January     BIRMINGHAM NIA
Sat 24 January          NOTTINGHAM Arena
Mon 26 January        PARIS Zenith
Thu 29 January         COLOGNE Lanxess Arena
Fri 30 January           AMSTERDAM, Ziggo Dome
Sun 1 February         VIENNA Stadhalle
Mon 2 February        MUNICH Olympiahalle
Wed 4 February        BERLIN O2
Thu 5 February         HAMBURG O2
Sat 7 February          FRANKFURT Festhalle
Sun 8 February         BRUSSELS Palais 12
Tue 10 February       MILAN Forum
Fri 13 February         STUTTGART Schleyerhalle
Sun 15 February       HERNING Jyske Bank Boxen
Tue 17 February       PRAGUE O2
Thu 19February        ZURICH Hallenstadion

guys i’m so fucking emotional right now oh my god…. if you’re not brazilian (or maybe indian?) you probably don’t know what orkut is (or maybe you’ve heard/read this word somewhere years ago) so let me tell you this: orkut was a social network founded in january 24, 2004 by google. orkut was not a worldwide hit. not even close to that. orkut was only popular in brazil and india. but it was bigger in brazil. it was so big in brazil that in 2008 google decided that orkut would be managed and operated in brazil. everyone in brazil had an orkut. we had no idea what a facebook was nor did we care because we had orkut. you know the facebook jokes that old ppl love to tell? yeah here in brazil they were orkut jokes. you could go to communities about things you like and there were foruns in there. orkut was really magical. there were “fake” orkuts that you could choose a celebrity or a character to roleplay and you could date other fakes and get married and have kids or adopt kids (all of that would happen in “fake” communities like fake mall, fake club, fake beach, fake school, fake church) it was sooooooo cool and so magical. orkut introduced me fanfic (at the time they were called “web novelas”). orkut introduced me to photo editing (my first editing programs were photobrush and photofiltre)… in orkut you could send a cute message to your friends and it would be on their profiles (it was like fanmail), and it was just…. so magical and beautiful and so innocent and i lived some of the best, craziest, most ridiculous online experiences on orkut. then… a few years went by and brazilians lost interest on orkut. we merged to facebook, twitter and tumblr. and we ignored orkut. we just… pretended it didn’t exist. in fact, we started to use orkut as a way to offend people who were not following those new social network rules. “go back to orkut” we’d say. did we hate orkut? i don’t know. i like to belive that we didn’t. 

but this year google announced that orkut would be shut down completely on september 30 (which is tomorrow) and today is our last day to enjoy this social network that changed our lives. it sounds dumb but i’m really upset now. maybe part of me really hoped that one day every brazilian would just… idk. “you know what? let’s go back to orkut” and we’d all go back. and rebuilt the magic that we created on that website. but i guess it’s too late now.

thank you for the memories, orkut!

rest in peace, you will be truly missed. ♥


Sept. 29

Hello fellow Glitchens! Two exciting pieces of news: 

1) Both Kukubee and I are planning on shipping the Soundtrack and Book so that they will be arriving in time to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Glitch closing down (early December)! There have been delays in the mastering process so it puts me on a fairly relaxed and realistic schedule to consolidate all of the perks and organized shipping.

2) I am planning on going ahead with a release party and live performance of the music in Toronto for all of you that can make it. We will also be doing our best to make a live stream available for the rest of you! I’m hoping some of you will use it as an opportunity to gather in other cities.I was thinking the anniversary of Glitch closing down would be the perfect time, but I’ve been told more than once that December is a terrible time to be planning events. I’m aiming for the weekend of January 24/25. 

Now, some housekeeping: 

Please review the feats poster, and make sure we spelled your name properly etc. Let us know of any mistakes at glitchsoundtrack@gmail.com by Oct 14 (two weeks). 

Note: We weren’t able to accommodate people who wanted more than one name on the poster due to space restrictions. We tried but it just made everything look suuper crappy! Where both real and avatar names were requested, we defaulted to your avatar name. If you prefer your real name in these cases, let us know — but just pick one! If your requested name is too long we’ll have to bump down the font size and it will be illegible. Ok!

[Click for Large Version]


The next update we will double checking with you all on Tshirt sizes and confirming shipping addresses. I should also have the actual date of the Glitch Soundtrack release party!


  • He is an awesome big brother I wish I had, and a loyal son. For him, family always comes first. 
  • He calls Sam ‘Sammy’ and loves him unconditionally. 
  • He is willing to do everything for the people he loves. 
  • He is kind and great with kids even though he denies that and says he doesn’t speak baby.
  • He has a good sense of humor. He says the snarkiest/funniest things and still manages to keep a straight face.
  • His relationship with Bobby.
  • His relationship with Castiel and how he brings out Cas’ human side.
  • His relationship with the Impala.
  • His personal charisma.
  • His eyes, smile, smirk, lips, hands, abs, ass body, everything. 
  • He wears a suit well.
  • He has a great taste in music and makes me giggle whenever he sings along (“All out of love” and “Eye of the tiger”, anyone?)
  • He is a BAMF and handles his tough job well.
  • He breaks my heart every time he cries. Seriously, he does the most perfectly perfect single man tear I’ve ever seen in the history of television. 
  • He is a complex and multi-layered character. He has his good side and his dark side; he can be brave, compassionate, protective, selfless, but he can also be obnoxious, pushy, ruthless and selfish at the same time. He lives in a supernatural world, but his actions are both believable and relatable. He seems real
  • He doesn’t think of himself as a hero. Hell, man doesn’t even think he deserves to be saved!
  • He keeps a strong attitude, but he has his soft side and insecurities.
  • He is a jerk, but a lovable one.
  • He is flawed and he admits that, which makes him perfect.
  • He is gorgeous, sexy, dorky, adorable, and simply irresistible. 
  • He is Dean Winchester.
  • Two words: JENSEN ACKLES. That is all.

Happy birthday, Dean! Thank you for existing and gracing our TV/laptop screens with your presence! and ruining my life with your perfection, now I’ll be forever alone, thank you very much.

Disclaimer: Jensen’s gif image found here, “Keep Calm” poster was made by me. 

January 24, 1848: The California Gold Rush Begins

James Marshall, a carpenter, discovered gold in the American river in California on this day in 1848. The resulting ‘gold rush’ attracted approximately 300,000 people looking to make their fortune.

Take a look at historical perspectives on the devastating impact of the gold rush on Native American communities with American Experience's “The Gold Rush.”

Photo: A forty-niner peers into the slit of California’s American River, 1850 (Wikimedia Commons).


January 24, 41: Caligula is assassinated.

Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, nicknamed “Caligula”, succeeded his moody great-uncle Tiberius as Roman Emperor in the year 37 AD. He was, at first, a popular ruler (mostly thanks to the popularity of his father), but Caligula soon proved himself an extravagant spender, in stark contrast to his predecessor, and unstable; contemporary accounts list among the many scandals associated with his name his attempt to appoint his horse to the Senate, his casual torture and execution of those who displeased him, and his supposed incestuous encounters with his sisters. Caligula’s decadence, cruelty, heavy spending, laughable military campaigns, and heavy taxation transformed him from a popular young emperor into a hated tyrant.

During a sporting event, a member of Caligula’s own Praetorian Guard, Cassius Chaerea, led a group of officers to corner the emperor and assassinate him in a premeditated conspiracy that probably directly involved members of the Senate. Cassius attacked first, and he and the assassins stabbed Caligula around thirty times. According to legend (and artistic depictions), the assassins found Caligula’s uncle, Claudius, hiding in a curtain and proclaimed this pliant, infirm, and most unlikely of men Roman emperor. Hours later, Caligula’s wife, Milonia Caesonia, was killed along with their fiery-tempered infant daughter, Julia Drusilla, whose head was dashed against a wall. 

After becoming emperor, Claudius sentenced Cassius to death, and he was executed soon after Caligula.

Grace Helbig:

Also, big, big news! Okay, starting 9 AM Friday (today), basically as soon as this video goes live, until Monday January 27th 5 PM Pacific Standard Time in the United States, if you pre-order the film Camp Takota on camptakota.com you will get an exclusive clip from the film sent to you to download and watch on Tuesday January 28th I believe. If you’ve already pre-ordered the film you’re going to get it. Surprise! So, if you haven’t done it already, get it ‘cause you’re going to get a clip! And I don’t even know what clip is but it’s going to be a good one I’m sure ‘cause the whole thing makes me happy!

~ et finalement ~ by Janey Kay on Flickr.

Watch on outofcontrol-sobeautiful.tumblr.com

jack thanks the fans and alex gives him a little neck kiss <3

Selena Gomez was photographed in Sherman Oaks, LA showing off her legs in a pair of American Apparel Easy Jeans in color Dark Wash Indigo. These jeans are on sale from AmericanApparel.net for $78.

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She also wore an American Apparel cardigan, Kendra Scott necklace and Christian Louboutin boots.

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Historical moment