A Few Facts About Israel's History

First off, no, I am not Palestinian. Nor am I Israeli. This is just a facts list, about the State of Israel’s history. All sources are listed in the tags.

  • Israel’s first war began the day after it declared independence. It has since been in a state of war with at least one of it’s neighbors for all of Israel’s existence, and has had eight official wars too
  • On December 11 1948, the UN General Assembly passes Resolution 194, stating that Palestinian refugees who wish to return to their homes and live peaceably should be permitted to do so and that those who do not wish to return should be compensated by the state of Israel. Israel interpreted Resolution 194 as giving it the power to decide who would live “at peace with their neighbors” and when the earliest practicable time would be. Effectively, this meant no Palestinians were permitted to return to their homes.
  • On 11 May 1949, Israel took its seat as the 59th member of the United Nations (this was before most of the then-colonies gained independence, so there were many fewer states in the world)
  • Israel does not have a formal written constitution, following the British tradition of “basic laws” that are understood to apply to all, plus legislation, parliamentary proceedings, and court rulings that over time have delineated governmental powers
  •  In 1948 the Jewish population of Israel was about 670,000. This number increased to more than 1,000,000 the next year as a result of immigration. Between 1949 and 1997 about 2,350,000 Jewish immigrants entered the country; about 700,000 to 750,000 Jews left it. The Palestinian population increases are mainly accounted for by birthrate, which is slightly higher than the Jewish birthrate.
A word from George Wilson - Electrical Tutor

Well it has been a while since I posted any electrical info and in the words of Bob Dylan “The times they are a changing”.  There have been a few changes since my last blog when I discussed the upcoming 2394 and 2395 programs.  C&G have split the old 2391 program into two separate parts which are joined by a common on line exam.  The 2394 and 2395 courses have been extended so you will now have guided learning for an extra two evenings making them now 12 weeks long

The 2394, the course for Initial Verification of an Electrical Installation, runs one night a week for 12 weeks and covers initial verification complete with a hands on practical element.  At the end of the 12 weeks there is an on line exam , a dated written exam and a practical assessment .

The 2395 has a lot of the theory and practical in common with the 2394. If you take both courses you only have to take the on line exam once as it is common. . There is also a written and a practical which is split into two parts.

These new exams are very searching and raise the bar up to a level inspection and test has needed for some time. These new exams will sift the wheat from the chaff so hats off to C&G.

LeT's PlAy A gAmE

So I was browsing on Norstrom’s website and I realized that there are some crazy overpriced shit on there, so my brothers and my sister-in-law came up with an idea for a game.

I’ll find some ungodly overpriced piece of clothing, and the challenge will be to find someone WEARING that kurflufflesnuff.

The first item is this Burberry Prorsum Sequin pencil skirt:


The price tag:  $2,395.00

Whoever posts a picture first … will get a pat on the back.

I just really want to see the people spending 2,395 dollars on a single piece of clothing.

1870s Carved Coral Cameo Earrings, 14K Gold, Original Box, $2395

I’ve long wanted to buy a pair of nice carved coral cameo earrings for the shop, but they rarely turn up and when they do, they’re usually out-of-this-world expensive or broken. These beauties are in perfect condition, in their original box from Braverman & Levy in San Francisco, which operated from 1852-1881.