he did try to fight back from being captured, but he’s only one guy. either way, it’s a group of Russian gangsters and they’re being warned to be careful of Akihito so that’s something



#accurate—right now all Akihito has is his mouth, and he’s going to use even the little bit that he knows here to fight back. he just does not give up

I can’t remember reading it, and it certainly fits his image, but does Akihito dye his hair?

Day 23

I couldn’t not paint my nails so I tried out all the nail polishes I had used before.

Worked at Priceline from 11-3 and the shift dragged on for a bit, most likely because I was basically on reg the whole day but Sabrina gave me a break which was nice of her.

DAY #023
I just noticed this on my roster LOL
Had my probationary review today and I didnt get fired! Two people that I was pretty close to did though and another almost did but got a second chance

Oh dear God, last night I actually dreamt that Tessa and Jem have sex in Clockwork Princess.

It was like a punch in the face and not even the fact that I got CP2 early could cheer me up.

I blame you, Tina, for making me remember it.

Pride and Prejudice


Now I’m reading Mr Darcy’s Diary but so far I am not impressed; Fitzwilliam seems pretty flat and he even called Georgiana ‘Georgie’.

I hope the book will improve, the reviews on goodreads are pretty mixed.