Graffiti Friday (Week 30)

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Album of Philly Graffiti. 

Instagram: PhiladelphiaGraffiti 

loladelphia has been recording Philly Graffiti Artist showing off their handstyles in his black book…Be sure to definitely check those videos out here


Gerard Way asked me “How’s it goin?” …breathe in,breathe out…he asked me…I will always have this in my ears for the rest of my life…he HUGGED me…I’ve been dreaming about this moment since I was 13. (I’m 23 next week so yeah….it has been a while…) HE HUGGED ME!!!! we weren’t allowed to take a photo with him…that sucks,but still I can’t believe that I met him,he was super sweet and he hugged me and…I’m so thankful!!! sometimes you have to wait for 10 years for your dreams to come true but in the end it’s totally worth it.

This is a diagram of how abortion is carried out on a 23 week old fetus. The child is about a foot long and roughly one pound. He or she is starting to move and is developing blood vessels in their lung. They can hear your voice even if they cannot yet understand. The skin is thickening and fat storage begins. You can see the baby stretch as it’s arms and legs push at your belly. It is currently legal in the US to follow through with a second trimester abortion. This is only one of the three brutal procedures. Poisons are injected into the baby and it is torn limb from limb out of the mother. How can you justify this mass genocide?


Today is the 3-year anniversary in like fifteen countries already so I thought I’d start compiling a few links except a few things turned into a masterpost and a masterpost turned into The Masterpost so I guess I’ve done a thing. 

Basic Videos

Most Traumatic Moments (no nudes but this was literally the most upsetting section)

yeah there’s a read more it’s all very upsetting

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parent power | an alpha meme


Happy 23rd Birthday to one of the most beautiful and genuine girls in kpop, Im Jin-ah. Thank you for being positive and cheering us up with your adorable, loveable and lively personality. Even though you’ve been misunderstood a lot, don’t forget to stay being real because that’s what made us love and admire you. Don’t forget that we’re always here to appreciate your effort and hard work. Please don’t be so much affected by those who dislike you because no matter what happen, we will always stand by your side to defend, protect and love you :) 임진아 화이팅!!  #ImNANADay

i’m 21 and i can’t even picture myself ever falling in love with someone and starting a family………. harry and louis are nearly 21 and 23 and they’re literally ready for that right now tbh. that’s so freaking beautiful.