If it weren’t for the fact that my dash would be ridiculously slow, I would probably just follow these blogs. Some of you are my best friends and some of you don’t even know me aside from constantly seeing me reblogging everything you post oOPS but REGARDLESS these are my favorite people ever

. 221bpawnee . alittlefallofpayne . assbuttz . avengeit . bradleymorgans .
. castielwatchingbees . cayminquinn . codependent-brothers-j2 . coffeeandcheesecake . .colinmorgasms . findsomehoodoopriest . jadorejanelle . jimlocks . 
 laysomemojo-onme . littlegenim . maxi-pads . mishapadackles . neeborb .
. ohmeitschelly . padapooper . 
samecoin . shawarmafondue .tomhiddlestoned .

. wendigo . whereisyourmoose . wincestmakesmecry . wuboo .


My Favorite Blogs!

Ok so these are blogs that either i find myself reblogging the most, that have submitted for MooseHead Nation, or i just genuinely love and it is in no specific order. If i forgot anyone who has submitted please feel free to yell at me and you will be put up!

So everyone should check out these blogs because they are all awesome people!

Tumblr Crushes:

ok sorry i’ve been posting these a lot lately but this is so accurate it hurts and also the first time actual new people have been on and hi i’d like to platonically fornicate with you all xoxo

timelordlibrarian, cloudywithachanceofdaleks, elioisawesome, and amyrach as my top four, followed by 221bpawnee, skarosoul, impossiblefantasy-221b, idiosyncratic-lavender, and thecityofpaper?

I am okay with this.

Furthermore, I am glad that most of my love is going to 9 of the most quality blogs I know.

I don’t actually think I have had a tumblrcrush list show me give love to a non-quality blog, to be honest.

conscientiouscoattwirling asked:

Tag, you’re it! Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. :)

  1. i’m in love with Colin Morgan
  2. i’m in love with Colin Morgan
  3. i’m in love with Colin Morgan
  4. i’m in love with Colin Morgan
  5. i’m in love with Colin Morgan
  6. i’m in love with Colin Morgan
  7. i’m in love with Colin Morgan
  8. i’m in love with Colin Morgan
  9. i’m in love with Colin Morgan
  10. i’m in love with Colin Morgan

will that suffice