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okay, it’s all about this

take a look at this man


He’s looking at Sherlock like that. He wants Sherlock so bad. He needs it. That is pure love radiating from him and he wants to express that.

Look at this man


John is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen because John fits all the things that Sherlock finds beautiful, both outside and inside. Sherlock wants John so badly but he doesn’t know how to get it or do it but he wants John. So so bad. He loves John more than anything.

Next, take a look at this


Look at that. They have never been happier than they are right there. Together. At ease. Goofing around. Drunk. Look at their feet, their legs - look at the body language as a whole.
They want each other. They love each other. Love. So much love.

So now gather all that up and think about them expressing their love physically…

And then get dirty. Filthy. Kinky. These two wanting each other for so long and so much and they finally get naked and get to fuck and it’s gonna be hella. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

221b-boyfriends said:

Do you ever experience those times where you want to curl up in a ball? I was experiencing that earlier today, and I forced myself to call a friend because I know it usually pulls me out of that state. Usually when I get that feeling, I start to feel really shitty and self-judgmental and my thoughts become really negative. Even though I'm a decently smart kid, "stupid" just races around my head while in that state. It freaks me out, and I wanted to know if that's something to be worried about.

oh yes!!! it does happen, i refer to it as a tape. one that says all the horrible things that push my buttons, so i work to stay STOP and shut it down before i let it run. does that make sense? cuz it really helps me.

i hope you can find a way to get your tape to stop my darling. you are wonderful- i’ve witnessed it firsthand!!! but if you think that you might get some help from a professional- it can’t hurt to talk to someone. really. therapists, counselors, they are all like paid friends, they HAVE to listen to you and never get bored- it’s pretty rad!!!  all the love and luck XD

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lost-in-221b said:

So... I watched In The Flesh because of you and it is soooo good. But now I'm really sad, so I'm trying to convert as much people around me as possible so that we can all talk about Simon and Kieren and be sad together and drink mojitos while yelling 'will there ever be a third series? We NEED IT' at walls. I thought Sherlock was the worst because of the hiatus but now I understand true desperation... I think I really need the adress of that place with the mojito sorbet, pretty please? :D


I’m afraid I don’t know the address, but it was in a French village called Samoëns and it was divine