Drama Appreciation Post → One person, Two roles.

  • Selena Li → Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain
  • Show Luo → Hi My Sweetheart
  • Myolie Wu → Triumph In the skies I & II
  • Bosco Wong → A Change of heart
  • Aaron Yan → Fall In Love With Me

“I like you. I like you calling me ‘Ugly Mushroom Head’,  I like you for  beating me 800 times a day, I like you for your voice, I like you for asking me to piggyback you home when you’re drunk, I like you for being sleepy in class but serious when there’s a report to be done. I like you for liking Pink Panther together with me and knowing who’s his best friend. I like you, although you aren’t the type of girl that i’ll like but I just like you… ” - Da Lang