Height: 5'8"
Starting Weight: 342
Current Weight: 218
Next Goal: 200
Ultimate Goal: 180

38 more lbs until I hit goal weight! 38!? I remember when that number was 162lbs. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be where I am now and I could not be any prouder of myself. I started my journey 2 years ago. I was at an all time low and hated myself. Hated what I had become. My body hurt. I remember walking into Wal-Mart and only being in there for 10 minutes until I was rushing out of there due to back pain. My lower back would go numb from the pain. I never wanted to go anywhere out of fear of embarasssment. Will people make fun of me? Will I fit in the booth? Will I break this if I sit on it? Those were legitimate fears of mine. Those fears are now a thing of the past. I feel like a new person and just want to live my life to the fullest. For those of you out there over 300lbs. It IS possible to succeed. You have it in you. Do not get discouraged and just keeping pushing forward.


So I rarely aknowledge how I used to look, and got rid of most of my photos but I found this one (left) on a wall in the church I grew up in this morning. So yeah.

Around 2006/7 (and before) I was really out of shape. I weighed in at around 272lbs. By 2009 I was approx. 172lbs, and by 2013 I was back up to 205. And then, August last year I was hitting 218lbs,,, Which I blame on partially on my lazy state over the time between 2013-2014, and also all my trips to Texas and all the amazing-yet-unhealthy foods and restaurants that I’d frequent under the “I’m rarely here so why not?” mindset. I’ve always been undermuscle, so that’s part of why my new regime is pretty heavy on muscle growth as well as strong cardio via running (yay 5k events!), rowing, and cross-training.

As of today (April 26, 2015) I’m down to 205.4lbs with bodyfat being 22.8%. I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’ve also come a long way (Albeit, with a few ups and downs on the way. But thus is life)

Here’s to a healthier, stronger, brighter future!

First Real Progress Pics! (M/35, 6'2", 218lbs) via /r/Fitness

Hey, so r/fitness has made a HUGE change in my life. Of course everybody knows to “eat less” to lose weight but I really had no idea what that meant until I came here. I also never looked up a REAL exercise routine. Im five months into my new lifestyle and LOVING it EVEN ON A CUT!

Stats: M/35, 6'2", 12/5/14 I weighed about 255+lbs, currently at 217lbs

Did the alternate dumbbell routine six days a week in the wiki with 50lbs adjustable dumbbells and cheapo bench I bought. I also included three 1min planks every time.

As of a month ago I joined a GREAT gym (Powerhouse Gym, Torrance). I kept the dumbbell workout as my framework to expand, for example I did barbell squats instead of goblet squats. Its been working but as of three days ago switched to the Coolcicada’s Push/Pull/Legs Routine. I add front plank+ side plank+side plank+ bridge each for 1min and do it twice at the beginning of every workout. At the end of every workout I add 3x12 cable crunches. Im doing deadlifts as well on every other PULL day. Im also doing compound exercises for five sets rather than three. When it starts getting heavier I will reconsider going back down to three sets.

I eaten at a 30% deficit for virtually every single day since Dec 5,14. Maybe have had three days at maintenance and two days over by 100-200 calories.

Getting 120-150g of protein every day along with daily 5g of creatine.

The front of my body has also made great progress but still a bit to go before I post a pic! haha


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Please pass this around!

Back in December of 2014, when I weighed 218lbs, I had a Sleeve Gastrectomy Bariatric Surgery. Since then I’ve lost 65lbs and now weigh 153lbs! Weight was a really big issue for me and I decided to do something, that may be a little bit more extreme for some people, about it. I know how hard it is to diet, exercise, feel good about your self etc. On my journey losing weight, Ive learned tricks here and there to make life and all its obstacles seem a little easier. So I’ve decided to reach out to all of you and offer any diet, exercise, self-esteem, anxiety/depression, questions about my surgery, or any type of advice in general! Anon or not, shoot me a message (i’ll keep it private upon your request) and I’ll give you advice to the fullest of my extent! Even if any of this doesnt apply to you, please pass this around so people that others who may want advice on something see this too!

Stay strong and know that you are loved xoxo