🔹First 4 weeks of prep almost in the books👊 from 218lbs to 213lbs. My last prep I was starved and overworked, this time around my coach @physiquephan has me fueled up to kill it at the gym every, working on my weak points, and still experiencing major body composition changes! 6 more weeks till the first of 3 shows I intend on doing to end the year👊 Focused on being at least 1% better every day, feeling stronger and more driven than ever🔹 by lucasbraga990 http://ift.tt/1p8Sxrj

Big day

Today has been a pretty good one thus far, I went to the doctors office to get chantix. So I’m on the verge of throwing another bad habit out the window! In even better news, I now only weigh 218lbs! A shit ton better than the 250 just a few short months ago and significantly better than the 270+ from high school! Depression sucks but let me tell you first hand, it has a hell of a way to make yourself do things to make you feel better about you! :D