20 reasons to love Super Junior:  01 - the fandom named E.L.F.

"for every great band, comes a really great fandom. E.L.F. or ever lasting friends is the name of super junior’s fans. their girls. their angels. we’re the one that stick together through thick and thin, this is the family you adopt when you come to love super junior. and we’re the one that in 10 years from now, you’ll remember. those crazy girls who screamed at their computer with you, the ones that shed tears over the same reasons, the ones you shared memories with, the ones that proudly took part of the sapphire blue sea with you. it doesn’t matter when you started, as long as you stay until the end.”

20 reasons to love Super Junior: 05 - the voice of the arts Kim Jongwoon / Yesung

"kim jongwoon is one of the main vocals of super junior, and probably the most awkward and weirdest member among the bunch. but it’s not some kind of bad weirdness; its the type that’s kind of endearing…in a weird way. but aside his awkward self - his voice is amazing. his voice rings like an angel’s and whether it be a ballad or one of super junior’s signature funky sounds, it will melt you and make you want to listen more of him. this is where his stage name ‘yesung’ comes from. he’s the voice of the arts.”

20 reasons to love Super Junior: 03 - the diva Kim Heechul

"so you have a lot of different idols and hyungs in boy bands - really, they all seem to come out in variety. but then there’s kim heechul, and kim heechul is none like the others. he’s unique. he’s super junior’s flower, diva, the guy who will forever be prettier than any of us no matter how old he grows. he’ll say what he wants when he wants to, and to some people he may seem like the coldest person in super junior, but he’s really the most honest and eccentric person you may ever come across in the k-pop industry."

20 reasons to love Super Junior: 04 - the china man Hangeng

"hangeng (or you may refer to his korean name hankyung) is one of the original members of super junior, and even if he isn’t with super junior right now, ELF will always consider him part of the family. his name will always be seen in the thank you album letters of the other members, and whether you become an ELF now, became 3 months ago, or have been for years - you will always, always feel a part of you missing him.”

20 reasons to love Super Junior: 06 - the visual Choi Siwon

"actor, model, soldier of light, jesus freak. choi siwon is super junior’s central image. but don’t get fooled just by his ridiculously good looks and bible ways, he’s also captain derp #1 and the man who will deliver the fanservice in the most ‘dear lord do it again’ way. he’s the one that will welcome all of us with a ‘hello beautiful world’ message on twitter, and constantly sway our hearts with his amazing acting skills. ELF forever bless shisus."

20 reasons to love Super Junior: 02 - the leader Park Jungsu / Leeteuk

"you see that man right there? he’s our angelic leader, park jungsu but he goes by the name of leeteuk. he’s the man that fell right from heaven to become not only the leader of a group of over 13 men, but the hyung, the guardian, the one that would carry all of their burdens in his shoulders and still have the strength to smile brightly. he cries a lot, he’s not the best in driving, and he’s a workaholic, but it’s okay. because he’s our angel and he’ll always be loved no matter what. park jungsu is irreplaceable.”

20 reasons to love Super Junior: 08 - the man of laughter Shin Donghee / Shindong

"if there is one member that will make you successfully laugh in a matter of short jokes and/or crazy cosplays: it will be shindong. he’s the man that’s not afraid of wearing a sailor uniform if it means causing some joy, one of super junior’s best djs, dancers, and also very good at his mc gigs. just because his appearance isn’t idol like, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t work hard to achieve all the love from the fans. shindong is the one that will make you smile until it hurts and laugh until you cry."

20 reasons to love Super Junior: 09 - the aegyo king Lee Sungmin

"perfect m-shaped lips, an obsession for the color pink, smooth, nice vocals, black belt in martial arts, the one that gets along better with girls, maknae’s wine buddy, the hyung to 8 and the dongsaeng to 6 others, lee sungmin is super junior’s baby face and unbeatable aegyo king. but just because he’s a bit more feminine than the rest, doesn’t mean he doesn’t show that handsome and cool side of him. aside from his sj activities, he’s also a song writer and great musical actor. he’s also the face that never seems to age."

20 reasons to love Super Junior: 07 - the handsome Kim Youngwoon / Kangin

"kim youngwoon is korea’s #1 handsome man, and super junior’s muscle man. he’s done some mistakes in the past, has made some of us cry, but he’s back now after 2 years of military service, turned those tears into overwhelming happiness, and everything has been forgiven. he’s the kind of guy that can always make the atmosphere in a variety show the most pleasant, and is always making us laugh. it’s been some tough times for him, and the journey of his return has been anything but short, but our kangin is back, a bit more mature now, but he’s here and i’m sure none of us are planning on letting him go again."