Is it me but I just hate Sundays. Hate exams. Hate everything… Am craving for bubble tea at this friggin hour. Need to try and sleep and be more productive in my final revision tomorrow. Though, its honestly been crap. I couldn’t get in my head. Oh well. I hope the mcq is 20marks. I will need another 28 marks behind…… U know what I wanna do? I just wanna sleep and vlog and go out have a breather. But I can’t !

Crap. Need to find smth to hug to sleep tonight.

Certainly this exams came at a wrong timing. 😰 whenever I turn to that page and stare hard at it. I almost could fell asleep. Its so boring. Ethics is so boring and so many stuffs so get in my head. So done……. Motivation lost. Got to be prepared. Ok. I’m gonna try and sleep. My diet, sleep and all is in a mess.

I finished my first university exam! So nervous going in but it was just like when my high school used to do the exams in the big gym.

I found it pretty easy, just 30 multiple choice at 2 marks each and then choose 2/5 short answer questions worth 20marks each.

I actually finished in an hour.

Now to study for Geography on Saturday night :/ And then work on my take-home exam.