deathwillonedayrobusall answered: do entire episodes.

The year is 2020. In a mere six years time jerryseinfeldsskeleton has recreated every single episode of every sitcom created throughout human history using skeletons. People no longer watch TV. They can just watch the skeletal recreations for free. Producers and writers have given up on making sitcoms. The end is near.

Warner Bros. Making A 'Suicide Squad' Movie!

aka, the Harley Quinn film! Okay, NOW, CAST  YAEL STONE AS HARLEY!!


Everyone on planet Earth wants her for role. She’s well-aware of it. The question was: when? When would Harley get a proper live-action debut? When would Harley have to be cast? WELL, NOW the door’s WIDE OPEN! Should we start a letter campaign? Send thousands of cupcakes donning Yael’s face on them to Warner Bros? At the very least, Google sites reporting this news, and leave a comment about wanting Orange is the New Blacks Yael Stone cast as Harley!


Warner Bros. Circling David Ayer for DC Comics’ ‘Suicide Squad’ (Exclusive)

With several unnamed DC Comic films already slated for release through 2020, it looks like one of those pics has been unveiled.

Sources tell Variety that “Fury” director David Ayer is the choice to direct “Suicide Squad,” based on the DC comic book series.

It is unknown where things stand in the dealmaking process as Warners would not comment, but sources say the studio feels Ayer is a good fit for the dark and edgy film.

Dan Lin is producing the pic from a script by Justin Marks.

The original comic series focused on a team of supervillains who were given a second chance by the government for redemption. The catch is that the mission they are sent on will likely end up killing all of them.

The group doesn’t include any major DC supervillains like the Joker or Lex Luthor, but the characters will likely have an opportunity to cross over between other DC properties and vice versa for non-Suicide Squad members appearing in this film.

Ayer is best known for his realistic and gritty cop dramas like “End of Watch” and “Training Day.” His much buzzed-about WWII pic “Fury” is bowing in October.

He is repped by CAA.

‘Artificial retina’ could detect sub-atomic particles


The human eye has inspired physicists to create a processor that can analyse sub-atomic particle collisions 400 times faster than currently possible. In these collisions, protons – ordinary matter – are smashed together at close to light speeds. Published in the pre-print arXiv server, the algorithm has been proposed for possible use in Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments at Cern in 2020.

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Driverless Audi A7 to hit streets of #California
California’s law allowing street trials of driverless vehicles goes into effect this week, with an autonomous Audi A7 having the honor of being the first vehicle to hit the road for testing. Researchers estimate that by 2025, manufacturers will be producing at least 230,000 autonomous vehicles yearly, with most of the major auto makers hoping to have publically available driverless vehicles by 2020. RT’s Lindsay France takes a look at the law and the hopes of the industry.

Inspired First a Day of School

Eleanor Outfit:

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olyan országban élek, ahol a miniszterelnök még nem ajnározta magát a Facebook oldalán, hogy Budapest 2020-ban EB-t rendez.
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