Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on “Fox News Sunday” there is a 91 percent chance he will run for president in 2016, and he will make his decision in May based on whether he can raise the money needed. The defense hawk has been floati…

As a man that has spent each and every one of my 30 years in the union’s 8th state, allow me to tell every single one of you not nearly as well acquainted with grits, fried food, Southern twang, and shit eating grins from very closed minded individuals that you should be VERY afraid of the prospects of this paranoid, war mongering old bastard running for the nation’s top office.

And here are the reasons why…

If you want a ridiculously paranoid sound bite from a man SO out of touch with the current and future generations of our country that he nearly makes Ted Cruz look like a respectable candidate by comparison, Lindsey is your man.

But take it from me, when I tell you that ONLY in South Carolina, a state that hasn’t voted Democrat in a presidential election since Jimmy Carter, does an idiot of this extent remain politically relevant this long.

Consider yourselves warned.

I mean, our tax code’s been turned into Swiss cheese. And certainly the concentrated wealth and accumulated power and the systematic deregulation of Wall Street has led to this situation where the economy isn’t working for most of us. All of that is true. But it is not true that regulation holds poor people down or regulation keeps middle class from advancing. That’s kind of patently bullshit.
—  Martin O'Malley, interviewed by NPR

There is a presidential election coming up. EDUCATE YOURSELVES. DON’T BLINDLY VOTE!

Don’t not vote démocrate because you think they’re lazy
Don’t not vote republican because you think they’re all anti gay and rich

SERIOUSLY. Take some time out of your day and research each candidate, their policies, and their track record.

Here is a list so far.

Hillary Clinton: Democrat
Rand Paul: Libertarien (running as a republican)
Ted Cruz: Republican
Marco Rubio: Republican.

Have a specific issue? See where each candidate stands. Let’s take gay marriage for an example. 
Hillary Clinton: All for it
Rand paul: All for it (he believes everyone should have equal rights)
Ted Cruz: For it (he recently said being gay is not a choice)
Rubio: No idea i’ll need to research this





With all of the politicians all coming out saying they are running for president and seeing all the hateful comments going back and forth between parties; I’ve realized that as Americans we have lost touch with looking at individual people and instead we just blindly vote for our favorite political party. I think that is where we are all going wrong.  We shouldn’t be looking at what party these candidates belong to.  Yes, that’s definitely a small factor to take into consideration, but we should be looking at these candidates as individuals and seeing if they actually give two shits about the people and this nation or if they’re just crooks in it for the money/ personal benefits.  We really need to research these individuals more and see what they have to offer to this country. We need someone who is straight forward who is willing to look past the party boundaries and stand up for what is right for the whole entire country and to bring this country together.   

Senate Republican Admits GOP Fears ObamaCare Being Struck Down By Supreme Court (AUDIO)

Senate Republican Admits GOP Fears ObamaCare Being Struck Down By Supreme Court (AUDIO)

The Republican Party has been obsessed with killing Obamacare for years, but now they fear their obsession will come back to haunt them should the Supreme Court strike down healthcare subsidies in June.

During an interview with right-wing radio host Jay Weber last week, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson admittedthat the GOP is now scared of the guaranteed backlash they will face if…

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In American politics, because of the two-party system, you have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Has Secretary Clinton done some really shitty stuff? Yes. As President, will she continue to do some really shitty stuff that you disagree with sometimes? Yes.

But not voting for her because of that is not a statement. Voting for an obscure third-party candidate or abstention from voting at all is not a radical protest against the system or a candidate you don’t 100% agree with: it’s GIVING VOTES TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY -in this case, a candidate, probably a white guy, who, I can assure you, will be pro-gun, anti-choice, anti-gay, racist, and sexist.

I’m as leftist as the next person, and I’m critical of her too. Should the two-party system be changed? Probably. Should a Republican win the election because Hillary is too neo-liberal or hawkish? NO.

Call Hillary out, but know this: by not voting for her, you’re setting up a Republican victory. And that’s not okay.