I know it’s just a dumb awards show but I can’t help thinking there’s a lot of people out wondering how the hell this show just gets up and has a presence at these sorts of things.

IT’S BECAUSE THE SHOW, THE CREW, THE STARS AND THE FANS ARE CONNECTED LIKE NO OTHER SHOW OUT THERE. You can’t buy that big budget commercial networks…no you just can’t.


I’ve been on home soil now for nearly 24 hours. My tumblr absence is broken. I was linked to this via LJ. IT IS ONE OF THE MOST MAGNIFICENT J2 VIDS EVER!

In the future when some poor ignorant soul asks me: But why do you go to Cons when you’ve already been to them before?

I will just smile serenely and say WATCH THIS in HD only.

I believe what you’re feeling is devastating one true ultimate friendship envy.

HAHA!! I feel so accomplished...it's the little things.

Like installing Tumblr Savior :) I might even be able to follow more blogs now that my dash is not so full of stuff I’m not interested in…people say Why follow people who post stuff you’re not interested in? Well they didn’t start out that way and occasionally they post stuff I just LOVE to look at.

I feel like Dean when he downloaded an app. Cue bashful yet inherently proud of oneself grin.