[TRANS] 2013.04.09 Teen Top's SNS updates

Eng trans: @oursupaluv

Source: Respective SNS accounts

Please do not take out

We’ve compiled all the updates Teen Top had on their Social Networking Service(SNS: Twitter, me2day, google+, Facebook) accounts. The default translations will be for Teen Top related tweets. If it’s otherwise, it’ll be for example, (google+) Changjo: [translation of update]

Please note that it may not be in chronological order but rather, arranged in such a way so that you’ll be able to understand the context better. As we’re still rather new to this format of translating conversations of the boys’ individual accounts, please do give us some feedback as to how we can improve.


Teen Top: @TEEN_TOP

L.Joe: @ljoeljoe1123

Chunji: @wowous

Changjo: @whdgus1004

Niel: @AH_NIEL_

C.A.P: @teentopbang

Ricky: @T_Ricky_T

TOP Media: @TOPmedia_Kr

100% Rokhyun: @gusdl210

100% Minwoo: @Minwoo0208

Jumper’s Dongmin (under TOP Media): @dongmin1208

Changdai (composer): @changddaiworld

Chakun (Electroboyz): @chakun_

Taeshin (TOP Media Staff): @TaeshinK

Min Kyung (TOP Media Staff): @Miinzee

G.NA: @ginachoi87

4Minute Sohyun: @4M_kkwonsso

Baeng do Baeng do: @ypd3474

DJ DOC Kim Changryul: @doc0102]

2AM Jinwoon: @2AMjinwoon

Shin Hyuk (Producer): @joombasman

Weekly Idol (Variety):  @bestIdolone


TOP Media: To commemorate the opening of Teen Top’s official Google+, there will be a Hangout event on the upcoming 16th of April at 9:00 PM KST! As well as the fans who are selected for the Hangout, some of the fans who watch the Hangout will be chosen to participate as well. Details athttps://plus.google.com/+teentopofficial/posts



(Google+) Changjo: Wow #1 in trending! Thanks so much~ We’ll work even harder so please support us! I hope to chat a lot with Angels from now on~



L.Joe: Try screaming out my age, twenty-one pic.twitter.com/9kOZI1yF5r

                Ricky replies: You’re old..

Changjo: I’ll do a lips one too ㅋㅋ L.Joe hyung, come on ㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/DMqB2DpYGo



Chunji: The weather’s really cold ㅜㅜ Guys my ID has no meaning kekeke so stop asking me ㅜ it’s late already, I’ve to sleep now. Angels good night too