[NEWS] 2013.04.03 Teen Top, first place in looks among the members is "Handsome Lips" Niel

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Teen Top, first place in looks among the members is “Handsome Lips” Niel

It’s been revealed that Teen Top’s first place ranking for looks among the members is Niel.

In a recent interview with “Boys Central Weekly”, all of the Teen Top members responded “Niel” when asked who they would rank first place in looks, which drew much attention.

The reason for ranking him first was of course Niel’s trademark “lips,” and the members’ comments on this reason filled the locale with laughter thereafter.

In this atmosphere full of laughter, Teen Top also did an interview and photoshoot for the cover of “Sojung” from start to finish. In particular, one child journalist was selected to personally interview Teen Top for “Sojung” and they had a talk full of “Dreams and Hope.”

An affiliate stated that “Teen Top are the most popular idol group among elementary and junior high school students, so we selected them to be our cover models for this issue.”

Meanwhile, you will be able to see Teen Top’s handsome cover and their interview telling messages for children full of hope in the issue of “Boys Central Weekly” weekly newspaper which comes out on the 8th of April.


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Teen Top Looks Ranking Revealed, the receiver of this glory is the “Owner of the Charming Lips”

Idol group Teen Top had an interview with the recently returned “Boys Central.” On the day of the interview, they “unanimously” indicated Niel in response to the question of who was the best-looking in the team.

The reason for Niel’s first-place ranking was his lips like no other. Niel’s lips can be called his trademark and are a symbol of his unique charm.

Teen Top did an interview and were also selected as the cover models for “Boys Central.” An affiliate from the magazine revealed that “Teen Top are the most popular idol group among elementary and junior high school students, so we selected them to be our cover models for this issue.”

You can check out Teen Top’s looks ranking and interview in the issue of the weekly magazine “Boys Central Weekly” which will be released on the 8th. Meanwhile, “Boys Central Weekly” is a revival of a youth magazine which gained popularity in the 1980’s.

[TWITTER] 2013.04.03 Teen Top Members' Tweets

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Please note that it may not be in chronological order but rather, arranged in such a way so that you’ll be able to understand the context better. As we’re still rather new to this format of translating conversations of the boys’ individual accounts, please do give us some feedback as to how we can improve.


Teen Top: @TEEN_TOP

L.Joe: @ljoeljoe1123

Chunji: @wowous

Changjo: @whdgus1004

Niel: @AH_NIEL_

C.A.P: @teentopbang

Ricky: @Yooricky0227

100% Rokhyun: @gusdl210

100% Minwoo: @Minwoo0208

Jumper’s Dongmin (under TOP Media): @dongmin1208

Changdai (composer): @changddaiworld

Chakun (Electroboyz): @chakun_


(Niel & Changdai)

Changdai tweets Minwoo: Minwoo ya~

                Minwoo replies: Oh! Hyung!!!!!!! >_< ♥ I started Twitter again kekekekeke

                        Changdai replies: Let’s meet up sometime and have some meat

                                    Niel replies: Changdae hyung what about me~~~~



C.A.P: Sleepy…. In the morning….


(L.Joe & Minwoo)

L.Joe: I wanna be your Jindo dog. Open the door, hug me and pat me~

            Minwoo replies: Sit - roll over - bam!! bad! okay eat

                        L.Joe replies: Omo… a trainer? 🙀

Minwoo replies: Kekeke I feel like I’m the one under control because of your cuteness.. kekekekekeke



(After Ricky’s account went back to normal)

Ricky: There’s a problem with Twitterㅜ

Ricky tweets L.Joe: Is mine up?

          L.Joe replies: Yep

Ricky tweets Niel: Follow my account if you can see it

Ricky tweets Chunji: Follow my account if you can see it

Teen Top: My twitter was reset again ㅜ Please follow again @Yooricky0227



Ricky: Hamburger and potatoes are the super-couple…^^ pic.twitter.com/Nve5B9oR1y



Chunji: What could Teen Top be doing right nooooow~? pic.twitter.com/CwOuY9Cj7D



C.A.P: The weather’s really good so somehow it makes us feel good (photo contents are unrelated) pic.twitter.com/pUHpocqOck


(Niel & Ricky)

Niel: What are you looking at~~!! Bah!!!! I’m a pirate!!!! pic.twitter.com/oMkQvFBhpW

                Ricky replies: Whoah cool …..

Niel replies: you’re not kidding right~? Is that something you should be saying to your hyung you jerk



Ricky: Oh my ……….. You’re really cool..



Teen Top: Shush! Which member does it look like over thee~re? (sneak sneak) We snuck a picture ^.^ In order to cleanse everybody’s eyes! Bright by himself even without lighting, it was Ricky!http://fb.me/yBZPkTMY

                Ricky replies: It’s me!!!! Me me me !!



Teen Top: At a photoshoot… Teen Top working hard in a conference about the concert!! pic.twitter.com/k9NFwexIJJ


(Seoul Concert Ticketing)

L.Joe: Everyone wish you all the best at ticketing~ Let’s have fun at the concert venue !!^^❤

Ricky: Success in the ticketing !!!^^. Fighting-ting-ting

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De beaux petits moment DaeJae ♥ 


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[NOTICE] 2013.04.03 Teen Top First Solo Concert "No.1" Q&A

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[NOTICE] 2013.04.03 Teen Top First Solo Concert “No.1” Q&A

1. Is it possible to buy tickets for the concert if you are not a member of the fan club?

- Yes, it is possible.

Fan club members will be able to purchase tickets first through a fan club pre-sale on Interpark which begins at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3rd.

Non-fan club members will be able to purchase tickets through the general sale on Interpark beginning at 8 p.m. on April 5th.

2. How many seats are reserved for the fan club pre-sale?

- There are seats reserved in each section for both fan club pre-sale and general sale purchasing.

The pre-sale is a special privilege for the fan club.

In other words, non-fan club members have ample opportunity to see the show purchasing via the general sale.

3. Is standing first-come first-served when entering the hall?

- Entering the hall for standing tickets will be done in order by the assigned number on the ticket which was chosen at the time of purchasing.

In other words, the earliest to enter the hall are not simply the people who arrive at the hall the earliest on the day of the show.

Example) If my ticket number is 100, I will be the 100th person to enter the hall.

4. Is it possible for somebody who is not a fanclub member to enter with a ticket purchased via the fanclub pre-sale?

- Yes, it is possible.

In the case that one out of the two people were a fan club member and was able to purchase tickets through the pre-sale, 1 person is able to buy 2 tickets, so therefore not including the fan club member’s ticket the other ticket can be used by a non-fan club member to enter.

5. Is it necessary to bring the fan club member card when entering the hall with a fan-club pre-sale ticket?

- No, it is not. You only need to bring the ticket to the venue when you go to the show.

6. What does “it’s possible for 1 person at 1 time to buy 2 tickets for the fan-club pre-sale” mean?

- It is possible to purchase up to 2 tickets per individual ID for each of the two shows.

(Example: Concert on the 11th - purchase of up to 2 tickets per 1 ID is possible / Concert on the 12th - purchase of up to 2 tickets per 1 ID is possible)

7. Is it possible for fan-club members to purchase through both the pre-sale and the general sale?

- Of course it is. The pre-sale for the fan club is a privilege extended to fan club members.

Irrelevant of how many tickets were purchased through the fan-club pre-sale, the number of tickets you can purchase in the general sale is up to 4 tickets per ID per show (a total of 8 tickets for the 2 shows).

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