[ARTICLE] Fans Anticipating for Bigbang and Wonder Girls' Explosive simultaneous Comeback!

Idol groups Bigbang and Wonder Girls will simultaneously hold their comeback on June.

On the 23rd, JYP Entertainment made a statement saying that Wonder Girls will hit Korea’s music industry again with their 3rd mini-Album, while finishing the process of their full album.

In relation to this, YG Entertainment also revealed through their official blog (YG-life) on the past 21st that on June 6, Bigbang will do some promotions for their special album, “Still Alive”.

In particular, Bigbang’s special album will have 9 songs respectively, including the title tracks which were co-written by both G-Dragon and Choi Pil Gang, “Monster”, “Still Alive” & “Bingeul Bingeul”.

With this clash that’s about to happen, it’s inevitable that fans are overflowing with expectations.

Netizens who saw the post showed various reactions such as “I can’t wait! Big Bang and Wonder Girls will have their comeback simultaneously!”, “I’ll stay tune to this simultaneous comeback.”, “Bigbang and Wonder Girls’ simultaneous comeback….who will bring home the bacon?”

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120523n24998
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[INFO] Minzy Topped the “Kpop’s Hottest ‘S-Line’ Idol”

Recently, en.korea chose their Top 10 K-pop Stars with alluring ‘S-Line’. Gong Minzy of 2NE1 got the number 1 spot. Though she is the maknae, Minzy never fails to exude charms on her selcas. As Minzy matures and gets old, her charisma and appeal has also been increasing.

Check out her S-Line above. Isn’t hot?

Here is the list of Top 10 “Kpop’s Hottest ‘S-Line’ Idols”

1. Minzy 2ne1
2. UEE After School
3. Bora Sistar
4. Kang Min Kyung Davichi
5. Lee Hyori
6. Seohyun SNSD
7. Hyuna 4minute
8. G-NA
9. Son Dambi
10. Jihae Girls Day

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[ARTICLE] KPOP Star finalists to Debut as "Su-Pearls"!

KPOP Star contestants Lee Michelle, Lee Hayi, Lee Jung Mi and Lee Seung Joo were announced to be the new signees for YG Entertainment.

On the 23rd, an official from YG Entertainment released a statement through My Daily “Lee Michelle, Lee Hayi, Lee Jung Mi and Lee Seung Joo will record new music and will debut as Su-Pearls”.

They came up with the name “Su- Pearls” because of the booming popularity of the team Lee Hayi, Lee Jung Mi, Lee Seung Joo, Lee Michelle and Park Ji Min. But Park Ji Min chose to sign under JYP, and Lee Hayi took the spot for YG that was supposed to be for Ji Min.

Regarding this, a representative said “The exact schedule of their debut is not finalized yet.”

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120523n16940
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