# Memorable Potter related bits in 2011
The RHr Kiss

2011 has been a very eventful year for RHr shipper, with many new photos and clips including this shot and this deleted scene; but as a shipper, the most treasured memory of this otp for me is The Kiss.

First we were told by Dan that it is “a great kiss" wayyy back in 2009, then we were shown a little clip of them almost kissing, and finally the last movie came and we finally got to see it ourselves.

A lot of mixed feelings at first I think, my biggest problem with it is the long shot that serves no purpose whatsoever and the angle of Rupert’s head that void us of any lip action. Eventually everybody got over it, though only after numerous assasination plot for David Yates and a gentle reminder that it could be worst.

Then after a few months this clip was released, dubbed to be the first take of the filming of the kiss. Lol at Emma’s determination and Rupert choking amirite.

After that, this clip titled ‘The Love Life of Ron Weasley' was released with a full on kiss that left shippers wondering why this isn’t in the movie. Obviously it is more passionate and at least we can see something there????

Like that wasn’t good enough, we were then presented with this bts video with full fledged Rupert and Emma face suckage. Yes that is what I’m calling that video because it’s true. You know it. Don’t lie. Look at it. One more time.

Wow. Okay. It doesn’t matter I don’t get to see all 6 takes of the kiss because that’s great enough really.

At the end I believe they chose the best take for The Kiss though. It was reported to be the first take, and how apt that they took that first take to be the first kiss between Ron and Hermione?

It’s good.