Resistence Pro Women’s Champion “Crazy” Mary Dobson [March 21st, 2015]

On March 21st, 2015 at Resistence Pro’s “All The Colors Of The Dark”, Resistance Pro Women’s Champion Mickie Knuckles defended the title against the young “Crazy” Mary Dobson, whose lightning hot streak had her primed and ready for gold. The match was cited as the match of the night, especially in the end when the long road came to an end with Dobson holding the title high!


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 192:
R.D. Evans Vs. Pinkie Sanchez
Beyond Wrestling Ring Leaders: Night 2 [June 19th, 2011]

The name of this show is appropriate considering both R.D. Evans and Pinkie Sanchez are both great ring leaders. As Archibald Peck, fans of R.D. Evans grew used to his comedic antics in the ring, but take him very seriously when he’s “on”. Pinkie Sanchez also shines in this match with some great facial expressions. Beyond Wrestling is a very fun show, taking place in front of wrestlers exclusively and perfect for learning and advancing in your craft. Enjoy!


Triple H consoles a crying wrestling fan [January 19th, 2015]

And no, it isn’t a member of the IWC who’s complaining that Devitt should be on the main roster.

Last night at Raw, Triple H caught wind that a young fan at ringside was upset at what was taking place in the ring. Triple H, a father of three, broke character long enough to console the fan and make sure he went home happy. Not only did the kid get to talk to The Game up close, but he was sent out a stack of merch of his favorite wrestler.

That’s why Triple H is the best!