With my career I’ve been fortunate enough to have success. I’ve had a few main goals and priorities; if I was lucky enough to continue to get to do this and have it go like this [go upwards]. And those two goals were to in spite of the success remain the same person and in spite of success remain the same songwriter. When I was 12 years old and I started writing songs I was writing songs about my life and just because more people are now kind of more interested in these subject material of those songs rather…a little more than when I was 12 now I’m still gonna continue to write about my life.”

- Taylor Swift 2010

"Well, what’s interesting to me is that the formula for my songwriting has never changed. My sound has changed, my style has changed, so many different elements of my life have changed, but the fact that I live my life, I get inspired by my life, I write songs to deal with my life and to cope with it—some of those songs are good enough to make the albums that I put out. I’ll write 100 songs and only 13 of them make the album. But going back to what you said, it’s so interesting that my songwriting method has not changed, the formula hasn’t changed, but just the way the rest of the world views me has changed. So it’s the same thing as me sitting in class when I was 15 and writing a song about an issue I had or a crush or a disappointment. It’s just now I’m not sitting in class now, I’m on a plane across the world, but I’m still writing about my life and I swore to my fans I wouldn’t change that, and I’m not going to."

- Taylor Swift 2014

anonymous said:

Could you show us some art when you were 14-15? As you can tell that's my age range and I want to see if I can be as good as you someday :)

buckle up kids, it’s about to get embarrassing holy moly

2010 - age 12/13


this was when i first got into digital art. i used a trackpad and ms paint to do all of my drawings and was quite evidently weeaboo trash but
i actually got my tablet in this year, but didn’t start using it until 2012/2013 because it was “too hard” go figure

2011 - age 13/14


basically the same as 2010, except i started using a mouse instead of a trackpad

2012 - age 14/15



this was probably the year that i drew the most. i got into a whole load of things (namely naruto and gorillaz) and drew them a lot. i remember being super duper proud of the iron man drawing bc i did it in ms paint with a mouse aw

2013 - age 15/16


the year i got a tumblr, got pts, and finally started using my tablet. mostly fanart as this was the year that i discovered roosterteeth (praise be) and became a part of the fanbase on tumblr. i abandoned actual pieces of art for simpler, animated comics that soon became what i drew exclusively. most of 2013 can be seen in my art tag

2014 - age 16/17


and now we’re here!! 2014 for me has been a year of getting comfortable with my own style and, towards the end of the year, working on anatomy and stuff like that

someone i could learn from / someone i could become: Saturn, photographed by Cassini, early 2011.

6 frames, each a composite of a red, green, and blue image, photographed January-March 2011.  Visible in the northern hemisphere is a massive storm that raged for several months from late 2010.

Image credit: NASA/JPL/SSI. Animation: AgeOfDestruction. Title: Cat Power.

George had this very ironic way of talking, which suited his accent. He’d say things like, ‘Oh, that would be very Beatles, wouldn’t it?’ You couldn’t quite tell if he was joking or being derogatory. Friar Park reminded me of my prep school, a big old Victorian house. It had a gallery all the way around the main room in the middle. Pattie had been given the job of buying the furniture. It was all art deco. Persian rugs everywhere. I’d say to George, ‘My God, that’s a wonderful rug!’ He’d say [ironically], ‘I know. Who’d have thought a bus driver’s son could have such impeccable taste?’
—  John Hurt on George Harrison, Uncut, October 2010