the--seance asked:

about the stickers: try heating them with a hair dryer, the glue should melt and let you get them off your pretty books :)

But the problem is that they aren’t real stickers, the are IN the picture, a part of the cover. There is no edge to peel them off. They are completely non removable and it pisses me off.

Idk what to do, I truly feel like the cover is ruined, and it cost almost 200kr, which I don’t feel like paying now. But I can’t find it on any other book site (in sweden), so I can’t get a new one if I were to send it back.

thetotallyspy i bought it at kicks, theyre a new brand there!! It costs like 230kr i think and the brush also costs 200kr something but i bought the kicks brush instead it costs under 100kr and works well

Day 150 Heeeey there's another milestone!

So yeah that birthday thing! I need to get to bed soon so I’m going to make this as quick as I can!

Important thing to note is today is my host sister Line’s birthday, mine is on Tuesday


The only guests where both sets of grandparents, and Line’s boyfriend.

We opened presents, and had a nice lunch. 

Honestly that is really it. I feel a little bad that that’s really all I can say about the whole thing, but that is really it. I am really glad it was such a small thing.

I got some presents from my host family!

I got the shoes from my host family, an H&M gift card from my host grandparents, and 200kr from my other set of host grandparents.

Um yeah that’s it for now. I need to go to bed.