“I think when you’re playing someone who actually existed in history, there’s always a danger of an impersonation rather than an interpretation…” - Benedict Cumberbatch discussing his portrayal of Guy Burgess in The Turning Point directed by Fiona Laird for Sky Arts Theatre Live! Series 2009 from the documentary Writing The Turning Point by Michael Dobbs 


Favourite Television Series - [6/10]

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the popular book series of the same name written by L.J Smith. The series premiered on The CW on September 10, 2009.The series takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia, a fictional small town haunted and surrounded by supernatural beings. The series narrative follows the protagonist Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), as she falls in love with vampire Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and is drawn into the supernatural world as a result. As the series progresses, Elena finds herself drawn to Stefan’s brother Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) resulting in a love triangle. (Source: Wikipedia)

“ I just have to say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you Elena. And it’s because I love you that… I can’t be selfish with you. And why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you… but my brother does.” 

Fic Rec: The Enterprise List, by notanightlight

The Enterprise List (or 235 Things the Crew of the Enterprise is No Longer Allowed to Do According to Starfleet) by notanightlight

Here’s the summary from AO3:

There are rules and regulations for all members of Starfleet, but they’ve had to make some new ones for the crew of the USS Enterprise. They should help things run smoother… assuming the bridge crew doesn’t take these lists as challenges! (Every good fandom needs a Skippy List or two! Set in AOS with a few nods at TOS.)

And my own thoughts:

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I had been creating a lame sci-fi park with my little bit of spare time, but it sooned turned into a Star Trek Theme Park with rides named after tos episodes, scenes from movies, etc. Music from all the soundtracks. Each ride is named after an episode for a specific reason.

People in the Chicago area I’m selling a 9-cup Cuisinart food processor (DLC-2009 series) for $60 if you’re interested send me a message and I will link you to the Craigslist posting!

Original store price for the set was $150 and it was only purchased 2 years ago so you’d be making out like a bandit!

chibi freebie #1

aka mun attempts to avoid responsibilities

gonna do a thing where you have to reblog/send an ask with answers to 5 questions !! first 3 to get them all right will get a chibi !! i’ll update this every hour with new hints if nobody gets it. :-) have fun xox

theme : mun’s weaboo tastes
the year is when the series debuted (as a light novel, anime, etc.) all series are fairly well known btw !! im not that mean LOL

  1. favorite sports series [2012]
  2. favorite shoujo series [2011]
  3. favorite tragedy series [2011]
  4. least favorite fantasy series [2009]
  5. least favorite series genre

no examples bc that would give away my main (it’s full of answers LOL)

Recomendación de animes poco conocidos

Creo que muchos estarán de acuerdo en que normalmente son las series poco conocidas las que llegan a conciderarse como “joyas de la animación” y es precisamente por eso que e decidido hacer recomendaciones de series que muy poca gente conoce, bien comencemos.

Tatakau shisho: The book of Bantorra
Una serie de 2009 que consta de 27 episodios, fue producida por David Production (si el estudio que actualmente está animando Jojo) se basa en la serie de novelas ligeras del mismo nombre escritas por Ishio Yamagata.

La serie comienza con un simple objetivo matar a Hamyutse Meseta la subdirectora de la biblioteca mas grande del mundo, Bantorra.

Al principio puede sonar algo simple pero lo que llama la atención aqui es la clase de “libros” que alberga la biblioteca, los libros en este mundo son en realidad las memorias de la venta ya fallecida, tal parece ser que cuando alguien muere su “alma” por así decirlo se combierte en una pedazo rectangular de piedra que cuando es tocado te permite ver lo que fue la vida de la persona.

Así que además de la ya mencionada Hamyutse también tenemos a los Guatdianes de libros que son los empleados de Bantorra, la cual está en un gran conflicto con la Iglesia Shindeki los “malos” de la historia por así decirlo.

Decirles un poco más del argumento serie estar propensa a darles una basta cantidad de spoilers lo cual es lo ultimo que me gustaría hacer, esta serie podría destacarse por su buena animación y la manera en que la historia se va desarrollando ya que en esta serie todo tiene una razón de ser, ninguna acción pasa por desapercibida y todo termina por tene alguna consecuencia

Lo bueno: La animación, la historia tan bien estructura y los misterios que nos obligan a ver la serie hasta el final, además de que tanto sus dos openings como endings tiene muy buen ritmo y música agradable

Lo malo: Durante algunas escenas las animación tiende a flaquear un poco, la actitud de algunos personajes, al ser tan poco conocida es difícil encontrar lugares para verla o descargarla.

Bueno si te gustan series de acción acompañada con misterios y (como siempre) personas con poderes sobrenatural interesantes deberías darle una oportunidad a esta serie

Question about Fullmetal Alchemist

So I had no idea until last night that there’s a difference between FMA and FMA Brotherhood (I thought Brotherhood was a continuation of the first one/time skip, like Naruto Shippuden). I may or may not read the manga, but now that I know that FMA deviates from the plot of the manga, I’m hesitant to continue watching it.

I guess my question is should I continue to watch the 2003 series or just abandon that altogether and watch only the 2009 series?

Episode 5: Basquetball with Evan Marre
  • Episode 5: Basquetball with Evan Marre
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This week on Get Trumpy, we have on guest Evan, bf of Aurora and the man behind our songs and jingles! Topics discussed include animal noises, J’s Elbow Room, Pod Burns, and untasted foods. Our media this week is the 2009 Emma mini-series. Next ep we’re talking Riding in Cars with Boys, get ready!

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