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Hamlet throughout out this whole entire play is fighting a battle with mortality. He questions whether or not he should take is own life in his famous soliloquy. He is not fully trusting of  the motives of his father’s ghost, so he sets a trap up for his uncle. He kills a man out of a mixture of melancholy and madness. Hamlet even tries to kill his uncle, but he stops knowing it will not bring him towards justice of what his uncle did to his father. He  looks into the hollowed eyes of skull of a man he knew and loved well, and comes to terms that everyone and everything ends. And finally at the scene above he blatantly doesn’t care whether a wager kills him or not. At this moment, he doesn’t want to enact revenge anymore, he just wants to be at peace and for it all to end. So basically in that speech he is saying, "If I am to die then so be it. If I am to live then that is what is meant to be. We have no right to try to control the outcomes of our fate, or to hide from it."