If this gets 2,000 notes by February 14th I won't end my life.

I’ve been unhappy for the like half my life I’ve been contemplating suicide off and on for the last 3-4years and ive started cutting in the last 6months I’ve tried material things to make me happy (girlfriends, I got an easy job for easy money) but nothing’s worked and I think I’ve hit rock bottom, I’ve already thought out how I’m gonna do it and I’m starting my note tomorrow, I don’t know who in my immediate life will care or if anyone on here will care.

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should i make a male cosplay of this girl and sing this song at a con?

if so, then give me 2000 notes :3 and i’ll make sure i will

irrititted said:

I have to agree with you that theamazingatheist is the dickhead of dicks

He just makes me so fucking mad? I mean he’s literally the personification of the atheism or the MRA subreddits, which is bad enough, but he’s so conceited and self-righteous that it makes me want to hit something.

Klaine only version Big Girls Don't Cry
  • Klaine only version Big Girls Don't Cry
  • Kristin Oliversen /klaineneverends.tumblr.com
  • Kristin Oliversen /klaineneverends.tumblr.com

KLAINE ONLY version of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” - I tried to make it a Klaine duet.

It’s 2:35 long so it could actually be a song of its own :)