Week 6 - Cha Cha Cha - Hey You Beautiful | Olly Murs Redo

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“You need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen.” LEVIHAN

“So specimen A, given 50 milligrams died within twenty minutes… specimen B, given 25 milligrams died within two hours… specimen C–”

“You need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen.” Levi grumbled, slapping a soggy mop onto the tiled floor with some distaste and interrupting her train of thought.

“You make that sound way more morbid than it actually is.”  

“It is morbid.  Before your experiments, they were alive.  After, they’re dead.  And they’re dead on my floor, and they need to not be dead on my floor.”

“They’re just rats,” she shrugged, her feet dancing away from the mop as it chased them from tile to tile.  

“All the more reason.  Rats are rampant with disease.” It was perhaps less efficient to stab at Hanji’s feet instead of mopping the floor in neat circles, but it certainly made him feel better.  “How did they even get out anyway?”  

“I thought I’d let them enjoy a little bit of life outside the cage before they kicked it.”  

“So you let them out.”

“Guilty as charged–hey!”

As she took off her glasses and wiped her soapy wet bangs off of her forehead, the handle of the mop came rushing to smack it instead.  Rubbing at the sore spot between her eyes, she gripped the wood as Levi stormed off, muttering something about how he was going to hold her responsible for cleaning up after her own mess and that he had done her shitty glasses a favor by dowsing them in soap-water.  


Week 7 - Jive Dance Off - Kiss Me Kiss Me | 5 Seconds of Summer Redo

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Chord was sitting in the car heading to PaleyFeast it was the last time he was going to be with his glee cast and it was bittersweet to him. He love them all but he was excited that glee ended and he didn’t have to do anymore dumb storylines that did little for his character. One thing he did love about playing Sam is the different girls he got to kiss Diana, Naya, Amber, Heather, the lady who played Penny, and Lea.

Each one of the girls was different in their own way and made the scenes fun for him. It was Amber who stood out to him because they was alike in so many ways. They liked to make people laugh, play pranks on people, and they loved working with everybody. That’s why he asked her to go on a date with him after they finished season 3.

Three years later they are still going strong and stronger in love. Even when the fandom was sending them bs on Twitter and Instagram they still kept strong. Last month he finally popped the question and asked Amber to marry him when they went to Mexico.

When he arrived to the event he smiled seeing everybody. He held a conversation with Mark promising they play frisbee and go fishing together. He held one with Heather congratulating her on her new movie and her upcoming wedding. One with Darren promising he feature him on one of his tracks for his future album. He was about to talk to Lea when he seen Amber walk in and the fans scream. He excused himself and went to go greet Amber with a kiss on her cheek.

“You look gorgeous Ms. Pretty.” Amber turns around and smiles at her fiancé who isn’t wearing his normal plaid shirt.

“Well thank you baby Chord and I’m happy your not wearing your normal plaid shirt. I see your wearing the necklace I got you it looks handsome on you.”

“I let you know I love that plaid shirt we have been through a lot.” Amber laughs at her dorky fiancé and shakes her head at him. An interviewer comes up to them and they put smiles on their faces.

“So Amber and Chord how does it feel to be doing one last interview with your glee family?” Amber and Chord look at each other before Amber spoke.

“It’s really bittersweet because we all grew up together and we are each other’s family. We have been through everything together and I’m really happy that we get to be together one last time.”

“I agree with everything Amber has said and for us to be together one last time with the glee fandom is awesome.”

“Okay last question what is next for you guys?” Chord smirks at Amber as she shyly smiles.

“Well I’m working on my album and a few movies and I’m planning my wedding.

"Oh my Gosh really? Who’s the lucky woman? Do we know who she is?” Chord pulls Amber in for a kiss and holds her hand up showing the engagement ring. Amber hides her face in Chord’s chest and giggles.

“Congrats Amber and Chord I’m so happy for you guys. Make sure to send me a wedding invitation and does the rest of the cast know?” Amber and Chord look at the rest of their cast and seen them smiling at them and they shook their heads.

So since like always I’m a day late like this is how I would have had them come out with their engagement. Excuse all the grammars and stuff and enjoy or don’t.

Really confused on what to bring to Metrocon  ; A ; It’s four days which I’m super fricken FGRSLERSU about

Thinking finally flippin’ doing DreamDropDistance!Sora&Riku since I have the materials, and then ??? Iwaizumi and Oikawa because of HINATA AND TOBIO //Breathes. Kasamatsu and Kise ???

And then Vanille and Fang? Since I’ve been wanting to do Vanille for years. And probably don’t have enough time for Noctis and Prompto. : I I feel kinda silly wearing two sports cosplays because they’re simple but at the same time I really love the characters so ???

Before I start rping on Hisoka again I want all my followers to know Hisoka will say what he want to who he wants, especially people who he doesn’t like (which is everyone). Doesn’t care if you’re his superior, friend, anyone. He might not be able to beat everyone, but he has no filter so don’t expect any special treatment.