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Incoherent half asleep thought but what if Riku sometimes builds up like a residual charge of dream eateryness in the waking world which causes his subconscious to slip into the realm of sleep when he goes to sleep, but in a way more intense and literal way than when normal people dream because he’s a creature OF the realm and not just a visitor. So he ends up not getting any rest because he’s fighting random nightmares the whole time, which is especially bad since when regular people get hurt or die in a dream they just wake up, but he could actually wake up with physically manifested injuries or simply die in his sleep.

But then Sora figures out that since Riku is primarily HIS dream eater, he can pull him out by linking with him to quickly burn off the weird dream eater aura that’s keeping him stuck inside the realm of sleep where dream eaters are supposed to stay.

And it doesn’t happen super often, but better safe than sorry and Sora is a pretty deep sleeper so it’s probably just best if they share a bed and cuddle so Sora can feel it when Riku starts twitching like a dog dreaming about chasing stuff. Yup.

Tungsten evaporated crystals and 1cm3 cube (Alchemist-hp (www.pse-mendelejew.de)).

Tungsten is an incredible material. It is dense and hard, and it has the lowest vapor pressure and highest melting temperature of all metals. This combination of properties makes tungsten extremely valuable for a myriad of applications, while at the same time creates great challenges in the processing of the metal.

As a child, I was fascinated by how things work and spent a lot of time taking things apart. As with most budding engineers, I rarely reassembled them. Incandescent bulbs were one of my first quarries, carefully disassembled to reveal a hidden treasure: a tungsten filament. It was amazing that this tiny wire could be heated to white-hot temperatures to produce light.

Also at an early age, I was introduced to vacuum tubes, and to this day they are magical in my eyes. When a tungsten filament is heated in a vacuum, the electrons near the surface become energetic enough to be emitted into the surrounding space. Additional tungsten conductors, in the form of grids and plates, can be added to the bulb, and the electrons can then be manipulated to switch, rectify and amplify These electronic switches were crucial in the development of modern electronics.  

Tungsten at a Glance: Name: From the Swedish tung sten, meaning heavy stone. The symbol is from mineral wolframite, from which the element was originally isolated. Atomic mass: 183.84. History: Isolated in 1783 by Spanish chemists Juan Jose and Fausto Elhuyar. Occurrence: China has 75% of the world’s tungsten ores. Appearance: Silvery white metal. Behavior: Tungsten has the highest melting point and highest boiling point of all metals. Uses: Tungsten is used in high-temperature applications such as heating.

-Rick Lowden  

It’s Elemental: Tungsten  

Chemical & Engineering News, September 8, 2003 


nicole: Clouds over Mars, photographed by Mars Global Surveyor, 2001.

13 pairs of images, taken through blue (left) and red (right) filters, 14th February-5th June 2001; Ls 117.0° to Ls 173.5°, the latter two thirds of the northern summer.

At the top of each gif is the north polar cap. The light area at the bottom is the northwest edge of the massive Hellas Planitia basin (the bright crater on its rim is Terby, 170km across). Left of centre are the Syrtis Major highlands; right of centre is the Isidis Planitia; you can definitely see clouds affected by the terrain’s change in altitude.

Image credit: NASA/JPL/MGS/MSSS. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.