I was tagged by the wonderful wenches-and-mead for the 20 beautiful people thing, but I haven’t been posting much because I’m at Maryland Deathfest, so here’s a picture of me being a nerd in the hotel room before today’s festivities

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tagged by morgaritooo and eunhyuks-teenage-queen (twice might i add) to do this a long time ago HAHAHA i just finally got around to it bc i cant seem to find any good selfies on my phone bc im lazy af but here’s a pic of before i got my hair cut!!!

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I got tagged by undanewneon and nofreedomlove for that 20 beautiful people thing?? There is like 5 years of selfies here, because I got a little trapped in memories, but most are fairly recent.

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I’ve just finished my freshman year of college!

A post on 20 things I’ve learned this year will be up on Sunday.

Have a great day everyone!

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Wow, I had to read your " I choose to believe it was the Mark, and not the codependency, that swung that scythe into Death." post couple of times and .. no. First, Dean spent nearly 20 years beheading things, he never missed. Second, the Mark doesn't care who he kills, as long as he kills them and it helps Dean hit extra hard. I would love for the codependency to die, but that's not going to happen any more than destiel becoming canon.

I completely agree with you that Dean didn’t miss. Dean never misses. What I was saying in this post was that what I took from that scene was that Dean and Sam had both had an epiphany that them constantly saving each other at any cost is, as Dean said, evil and that they needed to stop.

What I think happened is that the Mark ‘knew’ that if Dean was no on earth, there would be no way to satiate it’s need for blood and violence and it controlled Dean to kill Death rather than Sam to protect its own bloodlust. We have seen the Mark control Dean before when he was beating up Charlie or Castiel so we know what the Mark is capable of. I may be wrong, but it’s just my opinion that the Mark is what made Dean swing the scythe into Death.

I see that you have a different reading of the scene, and that’s fine. But the way I read it is that Dean and Sam had both decided to put saving the world ahead of saving each other. And to me that’s a good thing. I believe that next season we will see the Winchesters once again working together to save the world.

As far as Destiel, I don’t know what will ever be canon or not canon. But I do know that it is canon that Dean loves Cas and that Cas loves Dean (pretty much above everything else). It’s canon that Cas has given his life for Dean and that Dean wouldn’t leave Purgatory without him. It’s canon that they have a profound bond and that Cas gave up an army for Dean and that Dean would rather have Cas cursed or not. And so much more. Would I love more? Absolutely! But there is already such an abundance of love between these two that I can without a doubt say that Destiel is canon.


I was tagged by imperialmint aerle vergina-spva for the 20 beautiful people challenge thing. Why you all want to see my face, I have no idea. I’m sorry if I look a little overexcited in some pictures. These were the only ones I could find that I kind of like. The first one I took just a few minutes ago.

I’m unfortunately not going to tag anyone, because everyone is already tagged?

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I was tagged by scratchedacid and theoutlaw-torn and some others (sry xD)  for the 20 beautiful people thing and weeeeelllll, i actualy hate myself on pictures but i wanted to share a picture with you so im just taking one where im telling my cat some jokes xD And i kinda look like a girl, but well, like a beautiful one :3

Edit before post: Actually also take this one, i should look like a cool dude on that xD       Btw: i tag scratchedacid and theoutlaw-torn i want to see more pictures of you, especially by you theoutlaw-torn, your eyes look so awesome *-*

At 20 you were forced to grow up. At 20 you found God. At 20 you gave up things you loved, time you needed, money you could have spent for a daughter I’m sure at one point, you didn’t want.

But I’d like to think you fell in love with me when we met. I’d like to think despite a deadbeat father you wept over me. I’d like to think I fell in love with you too, the spirit that was knit within me in your womb already knowing everything about you, pouring out affection in whimpers and sighs and rapid blinks and beating. You tell me I was Gods gift to you but I think he was more so blessing me. I’d like to think that when I opened my eyes for the first time I saw you and a ghost spoke to me saying, This is your mother. She will love you like I love you. She will work 70 hours a week and endure hunger and hardship and play the role of mother and father to you. My eyes opened wide and I adored you.

At 20 I feel like I know you. At 20 I can feel the weight of the decisions you made, I can understand brokenness and why we feel it, and why you felt it, and why you tried so hard to protect me from it. But from brokenness you birthed change, and from brokenness I will do the same.
At 20 I love you.
And my spirit is tied with you.
And my story starts with you.

I was tagged by still-learning-2love-myself to do the 20 most beautiful woman thing a ma jig so Ima tag my people♡♡ 1. tasha-the-divine 2. kcuffykidd-archieking96 3. hachikato 4. kk-on-pokemon 5. kellinquin 6. o-h-f-u-c-k-i-t 7. olivers-ykes 8. l-u-n-a-t-i-c-s 9. lifeshappybutsad 10. ptvjaimepreciado 11. mander10 12. necro-mance 13. horriblenovember 14. jaimeprecaido 15. a-m-e-t-h-y-s-t-e 16. girls-and-cats-x 17. darling-hold-on-till-may 18. a-s-t-r-0-n-a-u-t 19. suicidal-worthless-loser 20. suicide-fantasy 21. lethekitty :3 Kay bye :)

5.21.2015 In Random


To start right, you need a good sex. Kidding.

I always feel blessed and special during my big day. I’m now twenty-seven years old. Yes, I’m aware of how that sounds. Maybe. Or maybe I’m just hoping for some crazy things luck this year. In either way, I’m ready for 27.

20 things that happened on my birthday:

1. I’d had dinner at Dayaw Coffee and Tea at SM Lanang Premier with some friends few hours or so before my birthday.

2. Of course there were presents - which I will treasure for ever along with amazing memories. Tim gifted me some tumbler from Starbucks.

3. My workmates singing “Happy Birthday!” to the tune of Ave Maria. Lol.  

4. After our mid shift, we grabbed a cab and headed for Bankerohan. It’s one of my favourite places to munch.

5. Obviously everyone needs cake on their birthday. It made my day just a little bit more special…

6. Google greeted me. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was overwhelmed. Haha!

7. It’s a very unrealistic hope to get a call from mama as she just passed away. I just want to hear her voice and feel her arms wrap around me as she hugs me. Frankly, let’s face it, birthdays shouldn’t be about us. They should be about what our mothers endured to get us here. I miss her but I know she’s in good hands now.

8. A ton of people wished me a happy birthday online again this year.

9. Personal Birthday greetings assure me I am well (and undeservedly) loved.

10. Tagged with photos from my girl friends with amazing caption which really touched my heart. Acheche!

11. I’ve come back to the place where I feel connected, appreciated and valued — Tumblr.

12. I’m still single. Haha! Hey hey! I’m a changed person on this aspect and I’m super embracing this status.

13. Thanks to the advances in technology, I am able to cherish birthday messages from relatives and friends around the world.

14. Call center-inspired cookies made by friend. It tastes delicious as it appears. Good job, Bimboy! :D

15. Good news! I’m now an in-team trainer! New challenge. New environment. Need I say more?

16. We got together with some of my workmates, for a post birthday celebration at Roxas Avenue Night Market. Yeyy! Solb!

17. Booze? NO! I’ve been there, done that. I don’t care and it’s great!

18. 2 hours of sleep. Few minutes to catch up on Facebook comments.

19. Well yes, I’m very happy.

20. I’m sitting in my room right now and I think it’s safe to say that today’s going to be a new day - new beginning.

My 27th year was so brilliant and amazing and I want more of that. Surrounded by friends, eating great food and generally living it up! Bring on 27, who knows where I’ll be. :)