I was tagged by the crazy beautiful clumthoods and fuckboyhoods for the 20 beautiful women challenge thing (is that what it’s called idk) so here’s my face.

I am nominating: (do I have to know 20 people?) i-doughnut-carrot-all ashton1blurwin hiddeninstars ha1sey wanderress calumsthomas lukes-penguinn romanticyouth 5sosashton mtvgrande mewk hellaradlucas hatewithapassion michaelgordont glittervevo mukeflurry dankmichael suburbblues comfortcal calumhemmo 

YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL I’m sorry if you’ve done this already

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whenever i see artwork that's kinda bad that i have to critique i always try to look for the details that i like first and then i follow it up with "you can improve on these things and here's some suggestions" and i try to list an equal amount of good things as bad things even if there are 20 bad things and 5 good things. it's really not that fucking hard to critique someone's art and not be a complete and total asshole about it.

i mean really

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Would you be willing to write #20 "things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear" for Juvana for the prompts list? If it's something you don't ship and don't feel comfortable writing then just ignore me.

I don’t actively ship Juvana (though I’m a massive fan of their friendship in canon) but I have a lot of friends that do so I figured I’d try my hand at writing these two romantically. I hope this is alright. I’m adding some Cana/Mira brotp too because I’m sick of seeing people say that those two hate each other just because it suits their ship. 

Juvia hadn’t walked in on Cana’s heart to heart with Mirajane on purpose. Rather, being the topic of conversation had embarrassed her into hiding behind one of the large columns and now she had no escape. From where she sat Juvia could hear Cana swilling pints of beer like her life depended on it. That girl could drink an oceans worth of beer, it was an amazing feat. Juvia could never hope to match her. 

“I think Juvia would love to know how you feel, Cana,” Mira offered, “They’re your true feelings, after all. Juvia would never abuse the feelings that come straight from your heart. Besides, that barrel you carry around is starting to grow tired of your usual dates.”

Cana’s drunken laughter echoed through the guild hall. Juvia’s heart clenched tightly as she fought with her inner morals. She wanted desperately to leave the room and avoid eavesdropping — it wasn’t fair to Cana — but Juvia couldn’t deny the temptation of listening in. Besides, she’d be caught if she tried to leave now. At least, that was her excuse.

“She’s,” Cana paused to let out a sigh of longing, “Jeez, I don’t know. She’s Juvia, you know? She’s that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that nobody ever finds. You know, ‘cause it’s so special.”

Juvia risked a glance across the room and caught sight of Mirajane giving Cana an affectionate pat on the shoulder. She held her breath as she watched Cana down more beer. The mentioned  barrel was sitting to her right. Juvia had to stifle a laugh at the memory of Mira’s taunt. 

“She’ll listen to you,” Mirajane promised, “I just know it. So don’t lose hope yet, if you really like her then—”

“I do,” Cana groaned, “Shit, I really do. I’d give up drinking for her.”

Mirajane let out an exaggerated gasp. “I’d lead with that, if you want to make an impression.”

Cana leaned back on the barstool and Juvia ducked behind the column once again, fearful of the brunette’s watchful gaze. And of the terrifying woman standing behind the bar. Mirajane had a knack for knowing exactly who was where when it came to the guild hall. It’s what made it difficult for the boys to cause trouble these days.

“I think I love her,” Cana confessed, “Not a fleeting crush but love, real love.”

Juvia heard the sound of her own sobs drifting through the guild hall. Both girls at the bar fell silent as she tried to reign in her tears. She’d been so moved by Cana’s words, so incredibly touched by the thoughtful gestures and the emotional rambling. Juvia’s heart ached as she stood slowly to her feet, a hand skating across the column as she revealed herself.

“Shit, Juvia!” Cana stood in a panic, her arms held up in surrender. Mirajane leaned over the bar to give the brunette a nudge. Juvia stood quietly and watched through blurred vision as the drunken young woman approached.

“Would you mind taking this one home?” Mira asked from the bar. “I have to close up the guild now and she’s talking my ear off.”

Juvia gave a quiet nod of understanding and reached an arm around Cana’s waist. The two stumbled out of the guild hall in silence, save the quiet sobs still rumbling in Juvia’s chest. When they reached the end of the street Cana dropped to one knee and Juvia was at her side instantly. The brunette then threw her arms around Juvia’s neck and let out a long whine.

“You take good care of me,” Cana drawled, “I really love you, Juvia~”

Juvia’s cheeks burned. She held Cana against her under the dim light of lacrimas scattered across the street. There was no denying the longing patter of her heartbeat.

“Me too,” she whispered against Cana’s silky hair, “Juvia loves you too.”

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20(things you said that I wasn't meant to hear) mini fiction for pearlnet plz

((Game Over AU with Demiromantic Garnet confused over her attraction towards Pearl! Also consider this Chapter 1 of Game Over side 2. Also this is not edited like at all.))

“Garnet, be honest with me. How do you feel about Pearl?” Pearl’s hand stopped over the doorknob when she heard Amethyst’s voice carry out from inside. She looked over to the window and saw it was open.

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you know what i find tiring…………….there’s like no way to say “platonic”…….like if you say that ppl think you mean non-sexual and/or non-queer

like qp as a term exists so that god danged ppl won’t see someone saying Platonic and assume they don’t mean something that’s queer like, literally stick the word “queer” on “platonic” so that it’s effing obvious….but then its like, or you should just be able to say platonic which means the same thing as you meant and other people could just stop assuming u mean its not gay

like all it fuckin means is Not Romantic but even if i’m trying to say something like “i don’t see X as romantic” its always interpreted as i’m saying its not queer its not sexual, like ok if something is platonic it’s NOT ROMANTIC it’s not placing any limitations on emotional/physical/sexual intimacy or queerness. so like saying “platonic” doesn’t work. saying “not romantic” doesn’t work. what the heck am i supposed to say to communicate shit if apparently sex and queerness are both inextricably bound to romance huh

also the fact that related to all the above misinterpretations means that like 24/7 i see stuff about ppl talking about platonic stuff but just when its reblogged so ppl can make fun of it b/c everyone in the world is associating “platonic” with saying “just friends” and i hate that ppl assume that and that ppl still have the concept of “just friends” etc etc……………..i’m sick of speaking to people like Please tbqh

I was tagged ages ago by @_hocusspocus to do the 20 facts about me thing lul I’m finally gonna do it n__~
1~ I have about 10 different styles and personalities.
2~ (TW) I haven’t weighed myself in years and I don’t plan to ever bc it’s scary.
3~ I’m at university and I really hate it along with the education system.
4~ I volunteer every week with lovely people with special needs.
5~ I get really bad dissociation.
6~ I love all animals so soso much, and actually care about protecting them and the environment.
7~ I always want to be productive and do my best but I’m the laziest procrastinator ever.
8~ I love forests and woods.
9~ I was literally raised by the internet.
10~ I’m terrified of not being able to get a job and move out and make something of myself.
11~ I used to spend my life on gaiaonline which turned me into a huge anime/jrock nerd.
12~ I want lip fillers and a nose job bc I’m super uncomfortable with my face.
13~ Me and Tom are saving to move to New Zealand in the future.
14~ I’m a Leo but rarely fit my horoscope.
15~ I sleep way too much it makes me feel crap.
16~ I’m organised and tidy when I’m happy but messy and dirty when depressed.
17~ I want like a full on farm but without the exploitation.
18~ I can’t stand any sort of bitchiness I avoid it at all costs.
19~ Lol I actually avoid most people.
20~ I loveee food and coffeee.

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For the drabble thing: Akuroku - 20 or 24 please!

I must admit, although I do ship Akuroku, these prompts were quite difficult for me. LOL;;; (Mostly bec I already imagined Akusai scenes for them. hahaha oops.)

Nevertheless, a request is a request, so here. I still did them. xD (Yes, both. :D)

Be forewarned, they have hints of Akusai. Though the focus is still on Akuroku. Hah.

Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you a drabble
#20 - You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.
#24 - You’re the only one I trust to do this.

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20 Things You May (or May Not) Know About BBC Sherlock

As culled from various interviews, the DVD commentaries and assorted miscellany. I tried not to go with the more obvious bits of trivia (like Benedict dyes his hair) but if you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll likely still know all of these anyway:

  • Martin Freeman plays army doctor John Watson, formerly with the Royal Army Medical Corps. In real life, Martin’s grandfather was a medic with the 150th Field Ambulance, RAMC, during World War II. Leonard Freeman was killed in a Luftwaffe attack on May 24, 1940, during the Battle of Dunkirk.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch was the only actor asked to audition for the role of Sherlock, after Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue saw him in the film Atonement and Mark Gatiss, who’d worked with him on the film Starter for 10, vouched for him. Benedict’s audition was filmed in Beryl Vertue’s London flat, where she served tea and biscuits “like Mrs. Hudson.”
  • (The Great Game) In the scene where Sherlock examines Carl Powers’ shoe in the lab, his solo shots were done on a separate day than the shots with John. They had to shoot part of the scene without Martin Freeman after he was injured from slipping on the icy steps of a production trailer.
  • The pilot and A Study in Pink were filmed one year apart (in 2009 and 2010, respectively).
  • The dog in Hounds of Baskerville was named Whiskey after Mark Gatiss’ own childhood dog. Kirstie’s pet was an homage to Mark’s husband Ian’s childhood pet, a rabbit named Bluebell. 

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One of my favourite things in KH2 is the fact that Riku held onto that stick Roxas accidentally hit him with like “that little fuck. I’m gonna get back at that shit AND I’m gonna take his fucking money I don’t give a fuck” and he just catapaults the stick at like 80 mph to make Roxas dive facefirst into the concrete and then steals $5000 from him like goddamn Riku what is your fucking damage