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  • samantha “root” groves
  • sameen shaw
  • cameron phillips
  • illyria
  • aria t’loak
  • liara t’soni
  • commander shepard (FEMALE ALL THE WAY)
  • marian hawke
  • regina mills
  • mulan (the show is trash but i just want mulan to come back so i can watch her judge EVERYONE AROUND HER)
  • aeryn sun
  • claire beauchamp
  • dani reese
  • sharon “athena” agathon
  • karl “helo” agathon
  • river tam
  • alison hendrix

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Björk / Bergman

"I had like 20 technological threads of things I could have done, but the album couldn’t be futuristic. It had to be singer/songwriter. Old-school. It had to be blunt. I was sort of going into the Bergman movies with Liv Ullmann when it gets really self-pitying and psychological, where you’re kind of performing surgery on yourself, like, What went wrong?”

Björk interviewed about her new album Vulnicura by Jessica Hopper for Pitchfork. Full Article here: LINK

20 Things That Will Make You Feel OLD

Breakups: Expectations Vs. Reality

Best Transgender Memes You Just Have to Laugh At! #shakeitoff

How have your favorite celebrities changed? Celebs then and now

anonymous asked:

I really need help. I dont know what happened. I think i raped myself.. I know that sounds weird but im not kidding. I was dissociating, totally out of it and i fingered myself and i didnt like it and it felt like it wasnt me. And it hurt. And now im having flashbacks and im so scared. I dont know what to do

So I am working on a post about this that will eventually be a thing. ( I make no promises of when because we have learned when Kris says ‘that will be done soon, suddenly Kris forgets how to function and works on 20 other things instead.)

but what that is called is trauma re-enactment. Or well, using masturbation as trauma re-enactment. (the phrase itself means a lot of things.)

and it can be a form of self harm and processing, or that you were already having flashbacks.

The biggest thing is just to take care of yourself, and probably work on your coping skills for dissociation and pulling yourself out of that state.

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Name: Sophie

Birthday: September 20th

Gender: Female

Height: 165 cm (5”5)

Favourite color: Lilac, pink and mint green (any pastels really). And I also love burgundy.

Current date and time: January 26th, 20:31

Last thing you googled: The coxcomb diagram from Florence Nightingale

First thing that comes to mind: I need to finish my papers

Favourite book: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa and anything by Franz Kafka.

Favourite movie(s): Oh man, there are so many… First ones that come to mind are Persona, An Education, 3 Women, À Bout de Souffle and Blue Velvet.

Favourite TV show/s: Twin Peaks

Favourite drink: Coca Cola and tea (fennel tea especially)

Favourite alcoholic beverage: Beer? I’m not a huge fan of alcohol.

Last movie I saw in theatre: I think it was Gone Girl

Dream holiday: I love city trips, and I’d love to go to Stockholm and/or Prague and explore the city.

Dream wedding: I don’t want to get married so… none? lol

Dream job: Having my own vintage shop, and/or being an Illustrator.

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20 Things You May (or May Not) Know About BBC Sherlock

As culled from various interviews, the DVD commentaries and assorted miscellany. I tried not to go with the more obvious bits of trivia (like Benedict dyes his hair) but if you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll likely still know all of these anyway:

  • Martin Freeman plays army doctor John Watson, formerly with the Royal Army Medical Corps. In real life, Martin’s grandfather was a medic with the 150th Field Ambulance, RAMC, during World War II. Leonard Freeman was killed in a Luftwaffe attack on May 24, 1940, during the Battle of Dunkirk.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch was the only actor asked to audition for the role of Sherlock, after Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue saw him in the film Atonement and Mark Gatiss, who’d worked with him on the film Starter for 10, vouched for him. Benedict’s audition was filmed in Beryl Vertue’s London flat, where she served tea and biscuits “like Mrs. Hudson.”
  • (The Great Game) In the scene where Sherlock examines Carl Powers’ shoe in the lab, his solo shots were done on a separate day than the shots with John. They had to shoot part of the scene without Martin Freeman after he was injured from slipping on the icy steps of a production trailer.
  • The pilot and A Study in Pink were filmed one year apart (in 2009 and 2010, respectively).
  • The dog in Hounds of Baskerville was named Whiskey after Mark Gatiss’ own childhood dog. Kirstie’s pet was an homage to Mark’s husband Ian’s childhood pet, a rabbit named Bluebell. 

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One of my favourite things in KH2 is the fact that Riku held onto that stick Roxas accidentally hit him with like “that little fuck. I’m gonna get back at that shit AND I’m gonna take his fucking money I don’t give a fuck” and he just catapaults the stick at like 80 mph to make Roxas dive facefirst into the concrete and then steals $5000 from him like goddamn Riku what is your fucking damage