Julia, hang in there. Whenever you get scared just remember the first time we kissed. At the Dome by Joe's house, at sunset, stars coming out. I can't wait to hold you there again. Love, Your Stray.

"He wants to meet face to face."
"How do you know that?"
"He proved it was him by signing it Your Stray. I called him that once.
The thing about the first kiss? Wrong place, wrong time, wrong weather."


"Well, there's Roger Lopez. There's Tom Tilden. And there's Phil Bushey. More likely it's Terry Donahue or his brother Al; Neither one of them ever really liked me. And there's Larry McCall."
"That can't be everyone."
"Well, it's a start."


Michelle Fairley, who dyes her hair to play the role of Catelyn Stark, spends plenty of time in the hair bus. ”It just looks like her long hair with a braid, but it takes over an hour,” Alexander says. ”We stitch in a piece that takes the length almost down to the small of her back, she goes off and has her makeup done, then she comes back and we dress the braid in. For something that looks simple, there’s quite a lot of work in there.