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I’m going to do some ships for you lovely people while I’m writing! I need your help making a choice so please carefully follow what you need to do below.

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-Help me choose!! What to write first?!: Studying (mikey smut), Part 2 to heart pains (part 1), High school imagine (No boy chosen yet), or punk girl (mikey imagine)

What you get!!:

-Ship: Robert-Thomas-Fletcher-Gordon

-Best friend: Penguin-Puppy-Kangaroo-Kitten

-has a crush on you: Luek-Clum-Ash-Mikey

-Brother: Dr. Fluke-Calpal-Smash-Microwave

-Gif of ship:

-First date place: 

-lil blurb:

-Best man: Lucas-Calum-Ashton-Michael

-First childs name:

-Childs zodiac sign: 

-What you do when you’ve had a bad day: 

-in or outdoor wedding: 

-his pet name for you:

-random ass fact about me: 

-favorite show to watch together:

no notes and you’ll never hear ashtons giggle in real life

Third kid down & third visit to the doc in one week. Not cool. Not getting this boy down. One way to get some one on one QT in this house!! Lover boy. First official 1/2 day of school missed:(

anonymous asked:

um hey, how do you explain this: the 5 boys asked for 4 rooms (including 1 smoking) because there are 2 boys who smoke? my school bully is an anti-larry and i was dumbfounded after she said that, and i was hoping you'd find a great explanation for this. massive thanks in advance, your blog is amazing (:

Well we tagged it as unconfirmed as it’s just a story that was printed and the press lies all the time.  It’s just speculation in our favor so we posted it, thans for the love :) 

-Martha x

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i was sexually molested in grade 1 and 2 by a group of boys at my old school. my parents don't know, i have never told anyone. im already nervous about there being a flaw or something, and this message not being anonymous.

(I just saw this) I’m so sorry to know that. I kind of understand how you feel, there’s things that I never told to anyone neither, but now I realized that is important to talk about these things.. with a friend, your parents, and search help, there’s always someone out there willing to hear you and help you. Share these things helps you to not dealing with them by your own believe me. Don’t be afraid to talk to me off anon hey, I’m always here <3<3

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“You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping. Tag ten people after.”

1. Dress - Abingdon Boys’ School

2. No Sssweat - Enter Shikari

3. Hymn for the Shameless - Alesana

4. Dangerous - Big Data

5. Hurt - Get Scared

6. Feel - Darren Hayes

7. Snow Fairy - Funkist

8. The Air That I Breathe - All That Remains

9. Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons

10. Sticks ‘N’ Stones - Jamie T

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Once you get this say five things that make you happy then pass this on to the last 10 people who reblogged from you <3


1. Cute boys!
2. No school
3. Ice cream
4. Books
5. Cute noses

Something I've realised

People who went to my primary either embraced school or got destroyed by it. I’m in year ten, aged 15, fourth year in secondary school and in top sets because I got my head down and decided I wouldn’t let my tough primary school hurt me, it made me grow up a lot faster than I should have done. The following examples are all real people who went to my school.

Boy 1 - Expelled after 2 weeks in secondary
Boy 2 - expelled after 1 1/2 years in secondary. Currently attending another school that he is being threatened to be expelled from
Boy 3 - forced to change forms after 1 3/4 years.
Boy 4 - currently on his Final warning.
Boy 5 - Also on final warning
Girl 1 - Final warning
Girl 2 - pregnant at 14, had an abortion.
Girl 3 - had baby.

This is just a few examples. I haven’t seen these people in ages and the fact they’ve ended up like is wrong. I was friends with these people once upon a time. I can’t believe it. It’s quite surreal when I think about it. Most of these people had good parents and were nice, if on the slightly rough side, people. We were all in the top set for maths and English together (aged 11) and within less than a year most of them had changed beyond recognition. I don’t know what point in this post was but I had to rant about it somewhere.

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When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy and send it to the last 10 people who reblogged something from you


1. bangtan sonyeondumb and kpop in general but these boys are #1

2. canceled school

3. canceled work

4. my bed

5. playing basketball after dark

it’s pretty easy to make me happy obviously