British troops have handed over control of Patrol Base Ouellette to the Afghan National Civil Order Police. 

Its transfer is part of an ongoing base reduction programme which is expected to leave just four forward operating bases in central Helmand in addition to Camp Bastion by the end of October 2013.

Read more here: http://www.army.mod.uk/news/25794.aspx

Images by Sgt Dan Bardsley; Crown copyright

Captain Ben Camelleri-Davey, 27, Intelligence Officer with 2 SCOTS, on parade in Glasgow’s Homecoming parade after their tour of Afghanistan. Ben and some of his colleagues are observing ‘Movember’ by growing moustaches, in memory of Corproal William Savage, a fallen colleague who didn’t come back from this tour.

Mark Owens

Crown Copyright


I just read scarletcourt’s live recap for the Reign season finale 2x22 because I could not wait another 24 hours. Oh my god. What.

First of all… I agree with the fact that Mary and Francis should not have reconciled so suddenly. Mary could never just switch sides after everything that she put Francis through and Francis seemed so over her bullshit it seemed like he would never want her. I mean yay they’re back together #frary awesome. But seriously do the writers think that our loyalty and satisfaction will be restored so easily?

Secondly, LOVE that Nostradomus is back. HATE HATE HAAAAATE that Francis is dying. Yes it’s a part of history but he’s one of the better liked characters in the show. After what Mary just pulled, he better at least get a happier end to his life. Either Mary has fully justified her love for Francis or she is just saving herself and Francis moves on and finds happiness elsewhere. I can’t have Francis dead. It just cannot happen.

Thirdly, wtf was the stunt that Kenna pulled? It would have been great if she truly realized her love for Bash and they could be happy. He took her back so instantly without hesitation about Delphine, so he obviously still loves her.

Fourthly, what is Delphine’s deal? I mean seriously she comes in here and “binds” herself to Bash like what? I don’t even understand what she’s trying to achieve but okay… I guess?

Fifthly, Conde needs to chill. He stepped over the line thinking that Francis would just give up his throne after Conde already had taken Mary from him. Conde just wants literally EVERYTHING that Francis has. Like no, stay in your lane. AND after being stabbed by the “love of his life,” he declared he still loves her. Wow. Okay and then he manages to ESCAPE. He needs to go, otherwise the validity of Mary’s feelings will always be doubted.

Sixthly, WE FINALLY MEET ELIZABETH. PS - Catherine is crazy.

The writers need to re watch season 1 and then realize that they need to do a shit load better for season 3. They need to reevaluate themselves and their integrity because they’re capable of producing something great. But with the way that season 2 worked out, I think they’ve lost their potential.

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I’m not sure how to feel...

I’m actually quite pleased with this episode…like finally we are getting places. For so long it stayed stale with the same characters doing the same thing and not really building on the plot. Yes, Francis and Mary got back together a little too quickly for my liking, but I don’t think its that bad. Honestly, Francis loves Mary no matter what and based off his look after their love scene and his convo with Nostradamus I think its more about protecting her. He knows he doesn’t have long to forgive and protect her and he is trying to move forward before he is gone and can’t love and protect her. And honestly, Mary has loved Francis all along. She never stopped loving him. After her attack I think not only did she associate her attack with that room and the castle in general but she felt almost unworthy of Francis and his forgiveness and love. She even said a few episodes ago that his loving gaze was crushing her. And she deserves props for FINALLY being the old kickass Mary we love and know. 

Delphine…well I knew she was trouble when she was introduced. Poor Bash, his wife is pregnant with someone else’s kid, which really infuriates me and now he has bedded and is “linked” to a witch… Like why can’t we have one happy couple with a legitimate kid? Kenna should have talked to Bash instead of trying to pretend it was his. That was stupid….and is she really going to try and marry this other king? whhhyyyyyyyy….

Lola and Narcisse, thank goodness!!!!! And with Catherine gone, they can finally go somewhere!!!!! 

and props to Greer and her girls! Like holla way to stick it to the man. 

WHY IS CONDE STILL ALIVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


His Royal Highness The Duke of York meeting members of 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland in Afghanistan [Picture: Sergeant Barry Pope RLC, Crown copyright]

His Royal Highness The Duke of York has travelled to Afghanistan where he met with British troops serving in Helmand province.

The Duke flew into Camp Bastion on Saturday and stayed overnight at the base. On Sunday morning he had a breakfast meeting with the Commander of Joint Force Support (Afghanistan), Air Commodore John Bessell, when they discussed the deployment of equipment back to the UK.

Read more: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/the-duke-of-york-visits-troops-in-helmand


A historic parade took place which saw soldiers from The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys), The Highlanders, 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland and 2 Close Support Battalion The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers march through the town of Fallingbostel in Northern Germany.

The parade was supported by music from The Marching Band and Bugles of the Rifles Band and the Pipes and Drums of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and The Highlanders. It was particularly poignant as it signified the end of the British Military’s association with Fallingbostel that had existed since British units liberated Stalag XIB, Prisoner of War camp, and captured the town 70 years earlier.

Upon completion of the inspection by the reviewing party each of the units were presented with the prestigious Federal Fahnenband, a ribbon of honour, in recognition of their service in and to Germany. The inspection was led by Major General John Henderson former Commander British Forces Germany and the Burgermeister (Mayor) of Fallingbostel.

Read the full story: http://bit.ly/1HpyqnQ


Top: Fusilier Barry Allan leads at 2 SCOTS attack Winning team captain; Middle left: Lance Corporal Colin McHugh defends the 1 SCOTS goal; Middle right: 2 SCOTS won the first game 3-1 against their fellow battalion 1 SCOTS and Bottom: Lance Corporal Mark Watson lifts the trophy for 2 SCOTS after their 3-1 win [Pictures: Mark Owens, Crown copyright]

Soldiers from The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS) hosted an Army football match to mark the opening of a new sports facility near their barracks in Penicuik last week.

The first game was a football match between 1 SCOTS and 2 SCOTS soldiers to honour Captain Walter Barrie who was tragically killed during a football match which he had organised between the Afghan National Army and 1 SCOTS in November 2012.

Captain Walter Barrie had served in both battalions throughout his Army career and was an avid football player. The winners were presented with ‘The Walter Barrie Memorial Trophy’ which was donated by Walter Barrie’s wife Sonia and son Callum.

The new pitch named ‘Fusilier Field’ is the brain child of Quartermaster Major Alan Grant of 2 SCOTS.

Major Grant: “The pitch is the result of more than a year’s hard work. When I took over the job as Quartermaster there was a lack of sports facilities available to the ‘Jocks’. 

“I fought hard for this facility, there were a number of set backs but I never accepted no for an answer. I’m sure the remainder of the battalion will be delighted when they return from Afghanistan - the area that is now the sports field was rubble, now it is an all singing all dancing Astro Turf pitch.

“I am really proud of what has been achieved here.

“I would also like to thank 51 (Scottish) Brigade based in Stirling for all their hard work and support in helping the project get underway. They have been instrumental in helping and without whom we would not have this pitch today.”

This annual match will be a fitting memorial to Walter Barrie, whose love and passion for football was well known.

The sports pitch was officially opened by Mr John Rennie, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (Scotland) - who were responsible for the construction of the facility, and Lieutenant Colonel Natasha Nash, representing 1 Mechanical Brigade who 2 SCOTS are attached to in Afghanistan.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Mary is lying?

I do. My thoughts are that she is using the ‘‘pregnancy’’ lie as a way to get close to Condé so that he trusts her. Then with the information she can get from him she can report to Francis, even though the synopsis for 2x22 says..

‘‘Mary risks everything to take down Condé, even as Francis believes she is turning against France’’ [x]

So maybe she doesn’t tell Francis anything and it looks like she has taken Condés side but maybe this is a safer option for both of them, but I can’t wait to find out what actually will happen in the season finale :)

Reign Season 2 Finale 👑

The only good thing that came from the season finale of Reign ..
Def not that shitty assed Kennash scenes {let’s face it, I never fell for it anyways},
Most certainly NOT that forced, rushed Frary throughout the whole episode,
Perhaps Catherine being exiled but THAT definitely is not going as expected,
Honestly I don’t even understand Kenna’s last scene; so was she keeping her baby or what?,
& Even though I’ll always be biased to another ship {Mabastian<3}, Francis slowly dying is never good for anyone,
So it has to be when Mary s t a b s Louis, Prince of Conde. Ah yes.
While I understand what she saw in him, I felt their love triangle was doing the most. He could of helped her heal as a bloody friend, not a usurping lover.
‘Til season 3, Reign.