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Backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas - 20.09.2014

2Spooky October. Drawing 2Spooky all Month long.

Masterlist of things to expect: (Feel free to suggest things via pm/ask)


  • Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist
  • Metallia and hundred knight
  • Kirby
  • FNAF (maybe)
  • Mega Gengar
  • Crobat and other Bats



Check out the list of some upcoming releases for October! Release dates are subject to change and new albums are added every week, so come back soon.

01-Oct   Valerie - Forgotten Illusions [LP]
01-Oct   Yules - I’m Your Man… Naked [LP]
06-Oct   A Rainmaker - Sunbelt [EP]
06-Oct   Cécile Corbel - La Fiancée [LP]
06-Oct   Coralie Clément - La Belle Affaire [LP]
06-Oct   Mina Tindle - Parades [LP]
06-Oct   Natas Loves You - The 8th Continent
06-Oct   The Dedicated Nothing - Dawn To Dusk [LP]
08-Oct   Cyesm - Score [LP]
08-Oct   Original Folks - We’re All Set [LP]
13-Oct   Cabadzi - Des Angles et des Epines [LP]
13-Oct   FM Laeti - For The Music [LP]
13-Oct   Jean-Louis Murat - Babel [LP]
13-Oct   Koudlam - Benidorm Dream [LP]
13-Oct   Les Gordon [EP]
17-Oct   Comett - My Reality Is Your Fiction [LP]
17-Oct   El Botcho - Jetz Und Nie [LP]
20-Oct   Benjamin Fincher - Kamishibai [LP]
20-Oct   Cléa Vincent - Non Mais Oui vol.2 [EP]
20-Oct   DBFC [EP]
20-Oct   Kat May - Beyond The North Wind [LP]
20-Oct   The Monkberry Moon Orchestra - Velvet Glove [LP]
20-Oct   The Rodeo - Tale Of Woe [EP]
27-Oct   Beach Youth - American Sole [EP]
27-Oct   Birdy Hunt - Shoplift [LP]
27-Oct   La Féline - Adieu L’Enfance [LP]
27-Oct   Zenzile - Berlin [LP]
00-Oct   Charlie Plane [EP]
00-Oct   Everydayz [EP]
00-Oct   Noémi - Les Pays Humides [LP]