Here’s to two years of great music. Here’s to two years of hard work, success, love, family, friends, concerts, traveling, blood, sweat, and tears. Here’s to all the times you made me laugh, and all the times you made me cry. All the times you made me the happiest human on earth, and all the times you made me question my sanity. No amount of paper, ink, or words could ever come to express the adoration I feel for you, the paternity that urges me to protect you with every fiber of my being, the amount of sexual frustration you impose on me and the admiration I feel towards you for all your hard work.

Your music has become the soundtrack to my life. I’ll be listening to you for eternity. Thank you for being born, thank you for being VIXX. I love you.

it’s crazy to see how quickly two years have flown by, i’m still shocked by all that happened but it showed me not to take life for granted because you’ll never know when your last moment may be, rest in peace mitch x

                                           2nd anniversary !!

this blog has finally grown 2 years old! im so happy ! uwu

thank you all for following me and encouraging me to keep this blog going! being a heaping 6,551 of y’all, you’ve been fans of a mediocre blog about the daily life of the queen solar sovereign of Equestria! 

               /clinks wine glass hERES FOR ANOTHER GOD DAMN YEAR OF NO UPDATING


Two years ago… I can’t!!!!!