You want to talk about feels? How about feels so intense and all-encompassing, you forget to breathe? You forget it’s fiction? You forget to move because you are so paralyzed by rage, disgust, horror, and ultimately, love?
Scared yet? You should be.
—  Kristin Dos Santos on Episode 16 of Outlander (x)

plot where muse a sits next to muse b in her first college course. he’s rude and has the biggest attitude, tattoos cover his arms. within the first week muse b’s roommate takes her out to a frat party and guess who she runs into? he’s the complete opposite of the stereotypical ‘frat boy’ and yet there he is. sarcastic, snarky comments are exchanged – just like in class. come to find out later he’s the president of the frat. basically a plot about a guy who’s damaged and put offish and a girl who doesn’t let him walk all over her and by doing so starts to see a different side to him. it wont be easy by any means but she starts to peel back the layers. turns out he’s super good at the english class their in. wow look I’m thinking up headcannons already.

[loosely based on this fanfic I read once so credit to that]