give me a 1x1 where muse a and muse b have known each other since, like, elementary school and they were a stupid little elementary school couple who kissed behind bookshelves when they were supposed to be reading. and then they broke up in some dramatic way but eventually became friends again.

when high school started, it became very apparent that they were going down two extremely different paths. muse a took choir and joined drama club, while muse b tried out for the football team and made jv. after 2 years of only briefly crossing paths, just sending polite smiles to one another in the hallways or asking how the other’s day was, they ended up in the same algebra 2 class. conversations ensued. but here’s the thing: puberty hit muse b like a train. he was muscular and clean cut and dressed nicer than any boy in their grade. muse a, who struggled with self esteem and social anxiety issues, had trouble forming sentences because he was just so pretty. every girl in the school had at least a small crush on him.

but what muse a didn’t realize is that muse b found her tendency to sing to herself and sometimes messy hair absolutely endearing. he looked forward to talking to her and pretended he didn’t understand an equation just so she’d help him. she was blind to this, considering he was almost always surrounded by the prettiest girls in their school. when muse a shows up to the homecoming game bc the choir performs the alma mater, muse b tries to flirt with her but she just isn’t having it bc he’s so beautiful and she’s just her

and i don’t know where it’d go from there but it’d include muse b trying to convince muse a to go on dates with him, and fights with their friends (muse a's friends are jealous and muse b's friends are confused bc she's not a cheerleader or a volleyball player), parents (because he's a douchey football player and she’s a weirdo), and the rest of the world (because of the social divide). a lot of angst bc of muse a's self esteem issues. fluff bc high school relationships i mean come on?? but then there'd also be smutty moments bc muse a is virginal and muse b's definitely not and juST GIVE ME. PLEASE

i really just want a plot where two people become roommates and they continuously keep getting into awkward situations between the two like, he walks in on her in the shower or she walks in on him having sex and it just keeps getting super super awkward between the two and you can just feel the sexual tension between the two and yeah pls hmu


Decided to make this set of gifs a 1x1 plot cause…c’mon i know you want this. 

The love&hate game. 

Character A is basically the jock of the school, the popular guy that all the girls drool over and die for his attention. His father basically owns the school because of how much money he gives it which pretty much made the school not want to mess with that family. Because of so much fame and spoiling Character A became the most cocky and careless person you’ll ever meet, he doesn’t care about people’s feelings or thoughts, he just cares about what he wants and how he’s going to get it. Character B, who is unlike all the girls in the school that drool over Character A, she hates him and how he uses everyone. She has quite a few things to tell him, but in order to finish school with no drama and problems she prefers to keep her mouth shut and stay away from all the attention. It’s been working out for her quite well till one day Character A decides to bully Character’s B friend and she quickly defends her. That was the very first time Character A realizes she exists and for some reason the fact that she doesn’t drool over him or wants him like all the others pisses him off and he makes a bet with his friends that till the end of that year, he has her in love with him. But what happens if the one that falls in love is him? 

"There’s a thin line between hate and love, and i’m willing to break it." 

this has probably already been thought of but a 1x1 where one character is the other’s imaginary friend that they’ve grown up with and have had to keep them a secret for years because they are “too old” to still talk to the imaginary friend who has guided them through their life. then one day they wake up to find their imaginary friend sleeping peacefully next to them-a real, actual person. part of the plot could be done before the friend becomes real and part of the plot could be done afterwards, or you can choose to do just the afterwards. it would also be interesting if the imaginary friend arbitrarily switches between real and imaginary, too!

do not do not do not imagine your otp on christmas morning sitting by the fire with hot chocolate and presents and comfy christmas pajamas snuggled up under the blankets holding hands and kissing and being all cute and cuddly and domestic and watching christmas specials and singing to each other  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

plot where muse a is a delinquent who is sent to a boarding school by his aunt (his legal guardian) after nearly getting sent to juvi for the umpteenth time. Upon arriving there, he learns that this particular boarding school is strictly academic and he can barely keep up, let alone thrive like the rest of the attending students. Instead he quickly builds a reputation for himself as the resident bad boy with an acid tongue and a womanizing track record. but one fateful day after getting into a fight with some other boys in the courtyard, muse a flees and finds himself breaking into the deserted nurse office where he stumbles upon muse b, a quirky, introverted, but wildly complicated book worm whom grudgingly fixes him up — and he becomes smitten.

plot bunnies
  • frat house; a frat hooking up with a sorority or even the nerdy chick
  • saw; two people are stuck in a room and are force to ‘play a game’
  • coyote ugly; two girls work at the same bar and become friends or a girl works at a bar and meets a guy there
  • stranded; two people are stuck on an abandoned island with no way of getting off of it. if they’re going to survive, they’ll have to work together but there’s one problem—they hate each other
  • just friends; two people—preferably long term best friends—act more like a couple and everyone keeps asking if they’re dating but they just keep saying, ‘no, we’re just friends’
  • teen mom; a girl in high school gets pregnant with her boyfriend and problems ensue
  • chatroom; two teenagers meet in an online chatroom and instantly become good friends. they stay up late at night, telling each other their problems and soon decide to meet up in person
  • library; the school’s bad boy doesn’t usually hang around places such as the library. he fails classes all the time so, the library just isn’t the place for him. but soon his parents sign him up for tutoring and he’s forced to go to the library where he soon meets his tutor—someone he never expected to be the tutor.
  • runaway; a distraught teenager runs away from home and soon finds themselves lost in a big city. that’s when they meet someone who they think could help them out a lot
  • kingdom come; a princess of a big kingdom is forced into marriage with someone from a different kingdom
  • celebrity/stylist or celebrity/fan
  • safe haven; a mysterious new person moves into a small community where they meet someone they’ve fallen for completely but when secrets of their past get out, things get a little messy
  • soulmate tattoo; in a perfect world, people are born with the names of their soulmates tattooed on their wrist. their challenge, is to find their soulmate. two people meet on a park bench and hit it off instantly soon they find themselves falling in love with each other but—either neither of the tattoos match the other person or only one of them does
  • cyberbully; high school’s a tough place but it’s even tougher when the entire school’s laughing at you. that’s when you need someone to help you through and that’s exactly what you’ll get.
  • pen pals; high schooler’s are given the option to sign up for a pen pal and that’s precisely what two teenagers did. they just didn’t expect to like their pen pal as much as they do.
  • military; while working at a cafe one day, she meets a young man dressed in his military apparel. the two soon find themselves falling in love but, him being away on military leave turns out harder than she ever imagined.
  • fake date; she was engaged to be married but then, the unthinkable happened. the man left and that was it. now her sister is getting married and she has to bring a date. the only problem is, she doesn’t feel like dating. so quickly searching through the yellow pages, she finds an escort and decides—that’ll be her date.
  • idk those are the only ideas i’ve got, sorry!

all i want is a 1x1 where they bonded over the internet like via twitter or instagram or tuMblr and they got along and saved money to pay for a ticket to meet the other bc they were that dedicated ??!?! right so they have cute lil skype dates and are glued to their phones 24/7 bc diff timezones and i’m having difficulties breathing imagine thIS please give this to me f/f m/m f/m i dont give all i want is a cute fluff ship & plot pls

I honestly just want a ship where one party is sexually explicit and the other really has no idea what they’re doing, but the first one just wants to corrupt the second one and the second one is interested but nervous because they really have no idea what they’re doing.

someone come do a celebrity/groupie plot with me where this hella hot girl is known for apparently sleeping with a member of a band and fans constantly see her at hotels and airports whilst they’re waiting to meet the band but what they don’t know is that she isn’t thirsty for his dick but he’s actually thirsty for her and demands she flys out everywhere bc he can’t get enough of her but she refuses to put a label on what they are or talk about him and it can be hella angsty and smutty just pLS GIVE ME THIS

I’m in the mood for holiday plots, so here we go!


Muse A and Muse B's families are close friends. When they were kids, their families would always celebrate Christmas together and have a party. Muse A and Muse B used to fight at these parties and complain about each other to their parents and the other children. As preteens, they continued going to these parties, but avoided each other completely. When they were about 14-15, Muse A's family moved away and the parties stopped. Four years later, Muse A's family moved back and their parents threw a big Christmas party for old times' sake. Muse A and Muse B get stuck with dish duty, end up talking, and are surprised to discover they have a lot in common. 


It’s December 31st and Muse A is bummed because she/he just got out of a bad relationship and is at a New Year’s party with his/her best friend (Muse B) instead of his/her ex. Muse B has always had a crush on Muse A. Throughout the night, Muse A drinks quite a bit of alcohol, but Muse B watches out for him/her. As midnight gets closer and closer, Muse B's secret resolution is to tell Muse A how she/he feels, and Muse A’s resolutionis he/she will make a change in the new year. When the clock strikes 12, Muse A drunkenly kisses Muse B


Muse A and Muse B go to the same University, but are strangers. Muse A is a freshman; this is his/her first semester away from home. Muse B is a junior and the president of a frat. Muse B hosts a giant Halloween bash at his frat house, and Muse A's roommate drags him/her to the party, but ditches him/her once they get there. Muse B is having the best night of his life with all his friends, while Muse A is homesick and overwhelmed by all of the crazy people. Muse A can’t leave because his/her roommate is his/her ride home. At some point in the night, Muse B walks in the bathroom and finds Muse A crying. They talk, have a heart to heart, become unlikely friends, and Muse A ends up spending his days with Muse B, showing him/her the positive things about college.

cute plot with muse a is a single teen father and the mother of his child has never been there. (because of whatever reason we can figure it out later.) and muse b is just a teenage girl with a little sibling.  so one day, muse b goes to pick up her younger sister from day care and finds out that her little sibling is being severely bullied. so muse b waits there so she can go off on both the kid who’s picking on her younger sibling and the kid’s parent. she’s completely caught off guard when an extremely cute boy shows up- muse a. before muse b can even start yelling at him, muse a starts to flirt with her, and the two immediately hit it off. the only problem? muse b lies to muse a and tells her that his child is actually his sibling, simply because he’s afraid of how she’ll react to him being a teen father. (bonus points if muse b comes from a conservative family that looks down on teen parents)

plots i rlly want to do no matter what fc they are

  • broadway au: two girls that are the leads of the rival shows (sort of like smash tbh???) they are the complete opposite of each other, one is super fucking into musicals and like it’s their passion and it’s all they have ever wanted and the other is like naturally talented and loves it but like wasn’t introduced to it until like late into high school and they butt heads but always end up seeing each other at different events
  • teacher/student au: pretty basic tbh!!! like a sweet cutie lil teacher who is seduced by her vibrant student or the other way around like the really hot teacher finds her nerdy lil student the cutest thing ever and goes after her!! or like they’re both just dorks and happen to fall for each other ugh
  • convicted felon au: so i really want to play as like a dude who just got out of jail and the only person that he can go live with is his ex-wife (they got married at 18) and like he has to stay with her and promises to get out as soon as he gets a job, but they obv have hella sexual tension and can’t keep their hands off of each other pls
  • adult industry au: a plot where two girls work together at a strip club or in pornography together and know exactly how to make each other tick but hate each other outside of work but at a work party they get drunk and sleep together but like, let out their anger towards each other and hot or idk they’re friends or idk man just pls
  • star-crossed lovers au: the two girls are both actresses in a highly profiled lesbian tv show.  for the show, pr has asked the two of them to pretend to be dating. they steal kisses in front of paparazzi and they share passionate kisses on screen—but they start ‘practicing’ in their trailer, and one of them actually has a boyfriend and idk omg
  • stoners au: ummm simple high school gfs who just get high together all the time and go to parties together and are rlly popular because the guys love them and they just don’t give a fuck tbh
  • mom/teacher au: OK SO THIS WOULD BE CUTE like this girl ended up getting pregnant rlly young and it’s her daughter’s first year in kindergarten and it’s the teacher’s first year as a teacher and like they meet and they’re both like wow cute and some how find reasons to get together and talk about the lil kid but tbh they just wanna spend time with each other
  • college roommates au: two girls in college and it’s their first year and one girl is really like privileged and like upbeat (but can get pretty ballsy) and the other girl is like rude, and comes from a broken family and is just a complete asshole. and they’re roommates, so the nice girl always tries to get along with her and stuff but the not so nice one is always shutting her down and one day she just snaps and somehow they start making out or s/t

i want a 1x1 plot that revolves around a couple who are trying for a baby after two miscarriages and are scared and get in fights about getting too excited about something that might not happen and its just really sad because the girls pregnant but she can’t be excited because she doesn’t know what to expect and they are just a young couple who have only been married for two or so years and they just want something so bad but never know what’s gonna happen. but there would e intimate moments laying in bed and crying because they want a family so bad, and the girl would always ask what was wrong with her and he guy would always tell her how perfect she is and that she’s going to be a great mother to any child. give me this

i really want a 1x1 where character a is a fireman and his life is pretty fuckin’ good because all he really does is work and then go home and relax, hit up bars and hooks up. then one night he meets character b who’s a complete romantic at a bar and character a lies so that they can take character b home. turns out character b lives really near the fire station and what was meant to be a one night stand turned into a regular hook up whenever character a has time between being shifts (i’m talking character a would go to character b's place at like odd times during the day and at night and climb through the window or go in through the back or some sorta way) and leave immediately after bc duty calls so character b never had the chance to properly sit character a down and tell them they wanna stop bc they’re interested in a relationship. but eventually character b finds an opportunity and character a realizes he can’t lie out of this one so things end between the two of them but then character a realizes he can’t stop thinking about character b all day all the time and decides to go find them as soon as they have time off but they never seem to be able to find the right moment with the right words in mind.


plot twist twist character a finds character b in the house but there’s also another guy in there

plot prompts: based off of five seconds of summer's first album

TRIGGER WARNING: plot 15 mentions an eating disorder:

1. don’t stop;

muse a is new to town, settling in the scene of their new surroundings, and it’s fairly clear that attention isn’t hard to obtain. one person in particular finds them intriguing, muse b. wanting to welcome the new resident to their new life I’m a different environment, muse b decides to take them out for a night out on the city, which soon turns into a night of fun that was merely never intended. the next morning, muse a realizes their mistake and leaves with muse b has no way of communicating with the other. but it becomes fairly clear that their meeting was a subtle mistake as on the first day of school, muse b mistakingly finds muse a behind the teacher’s desk.and even the age gap doesn’t keep muse b from wanting more than just an authoritative motive.

2. good girls;

the average coming of age story where muse a is constantly reckless and is constantly needing a reason to simmer down. so, with much research, muse a’s parents think that since they are of age to be engaged, they are forcibly going to marry the only person they know that can bring them back down to earth — muse b, of course. the goody-two-shoes that puts on a show of being the innocent overachiever, when even behind closed doors, muse b often never goes behind her own word. with two out of control teenagers in private, in public, they are treated like the most opposite couple, when in reality, they’re not much different. and what happens when muse b accidentally falls for muse a’s bad image and rebellious attitude in the public? will their fake engagement become more than just a stunt?

3. kiss me kiss me;

all muse a wants is a summer fling that tides them over into the fall of their senior year of high school, nothing serious, yet nothing not worth remembering. to find an in between, they stumble upon muse b who’s dead set on finding something that lasts longer than the coiling heat of june and july. aging no clue what either of the two wants, they agree on a mutual one-night stand, although muse b is almost positive it’ll flourish into something worth keeping. the morning after, muse a wakes up to a sleeping muse b next to them, writing a note, leaving only a name and number. and once muse b is finally awoken, that’s all they find. it’ll be journey to find their encounter one more time, closure needed. will muse b think muse a is worth keeping after rediscovering them?

4. 18;

muse a is the usual high school student who wants to be treated much more mature than they’re given credit for. the restrictions their parents level them on makes them feel like the trust is never there, and to muse a it gives him more reason to break the rules, especially when it comes to creating a fake i.d. that gets him into the clubs all around their hometown. as they’re not eighteen yet, a lot of the things they want to do are pretty much illegal until that perfect age. but one night, they notice an older girl/guy working the bar, which would be muse b, who has no interest in flirting with disaster. but as persuasive as muse a likes to think they are, they let off the push and wait until it’s closing time before making a move. as it’s near to muse b’s closing time, muse a somehow finds the keys they need to lock up the bar. a little flirting soon turns into the good of the bar when muse a decides to kidnap muse b as an attempt to seem more reckless than they lead onto be. but the longer they keep muse b captive, the more the older begins to fall for muse a.

5. everything i didn’t say;

muse a and muse b had everything seemingly together. or, as much as a famous people could in the spotlight. they were the it couple, the ones every teenager and young adult could look up to, and tell themselves “that’s the kind of love i want.” but not all of what their relationship entailed was much of a romantic comedy. muse b has always had a troubled past in cheating — it wasn’t intentional, but it was always baggage they seemed to carry around. and being famous, the skepticality was always darted to them. but muse a turned around to forgive their wrongs plenty of times, and it felt like their road to happiness was finally on track — until muse a finds muse b cuddled up next to their band mate, someone who certainly didn’t look like muse a at all. hurt, muse a gathers everything they have to fly back home to calm themselves down, and to retreat from the negative thoughts they have surrounding muse b. but what’ll they expect when they find none other than muse a arriving at the same plane as them, trying to apologize and say everything they didn’t when they were sidetracked on the fame and popularity?

6. beside you (smooth version);

the common long-distance love story where muse a is a manager for a traveling company, living inside their own suitcase six months out of the year. to keep in touch with muse as much as they can, the time spend together is precious, and something they rarely ever receive. one of the last nights the couple shares together goes a little too far without notice, and the unexpected is thought of. muse figures out a little plus sign on a pregnancy test, confusion and fear overcoming them. how could they raise a child with muse a not even there to experience anything? keeping the secret kept from muse a until they find time to come home, they wait with the possibility of muse a not being the most excited about the news. with a new atmosphere every night, muse a rarely even has time for themselves as sleep is the only thing on their mind. what’ll unfold when the communication dwindles from daily Skype calls and texts, to weekly updates? will muse b find the right time to express what’s going on?

7. end up here;

as much as two years together was for muse a and muse b, growing apart was nearly inevidable. so, once both of the are accepted into different colleges, they mutually break up, although staying in contact was necessary. but we all know it never happened — it would’ve been too awkward. so, skipping five years later, muse a is making a life for themselves, a musician whose flown around the entire perimeter of the us, while muse b is just the manager muse a ends up hiring, without knowing who it is. meeting for the first time, they don’t recognize the other, until muse b brings up a last relationship that they shared. keeping it professional, the two agree to not let any outward feelings still recollected from the past ruin muse a’s career. but what happens when muse a wants to try it out one more time and get involved with the only person they’re not allowed to affiliate themselves with?

8. heartache on the big screen;

a typical story that follows two teens with the seemingly perfect relationship in public, wanting each other every second of everyday until muse a decides seeing other people would be beneficial, leaving muse b alone to pick up the broken pieces of their heart. moving on was what muse b interpreted from muse a, but a few months into their break, muse a realizes the mistake of leaving muse b out to dry. determined to win back muse b jealousy is the first option that comes to mind, pretending to fall for other people I’m order to grab muse b’s attention. going back and forth from wanting what they shared for so long, muse a isn’t ready to give muse b up just yet.

9. long way home;

as a last spontaneous trip before parting separate ways their freshman year in college, muse a and muse b want to take a summer-long road trip, squeezing every second of their break into visiting everywhere they’ve wanted to since they were little kids. as it’s just the two best friends, muse a is even surprised muse b said yes to going, as they’ve always been the least risk-taking of the two. but muse b doesn’t want to pass up the single opportunity they have to experience everything they never got a chance to. the further they get into the exotic places, the more time they know they’ll be spending every second together, and as a pact, they jokingly promise to not fall in love, or at least develop any feelings. but just as muse a has a grip on focusing on the trip at hand, it’smuse b whom they can’t get out of their head.

10. heartbreak girl;

stringing people around on a chain, muse a definitely knows how to use their looks for more than just friendships. ever since muse b can remember, they’ve had a massive crush on muse a, despite their poor choices in partners. it’s almost as though they enjoy being used, to feel like they matter for a night before they get thrown to the side every time after. muse b wanted to take away all the hurt they possess, befriending them as a nice gesture to gt closer to them. opening muse a’s to more than just the shitty people who’ve brainwashed muse a into thinking that’s what they deserve. as muse b’s desire to be with muse a fizzles, their other friends dare them to ask muse a on a date, much to their dismay. but on their date, the feelings muse b was hoping would return, never do, leaving them with an innocent third party apart of the dare that should’ve never been.

11. mrs. all-american;

an exchange student is always a special treat to a new area, and for muse a, becoming apart of a new school every other year, they’re looking to settle down somewhere they know will be better for them — but here isn’t the place. to be a nice welcomer, muse b finds the chance to introduce muse a just the opportunities there are. conveniently, they’re both neighbors and muse a find comfort in taking sit-ins on the roof, which is where muse b finds them just a few days after getting used to the town. they have long, deep conversations about the weirdest subjects, and always laugh at each other’s jokes, so much so that muse a realizes just how comfortable they are around muse b, that they make roof meetings a tradition, not feeling right without having one every night. although the roof is the only place both muses can connect, what will muse a do when muse b scarcely arrives to their secret hideaway?

12. amnesia;

having to deal with the fact that their chances of living are fairly slim, muse a is struck with the news of a brain tumor that deteriorates their short-term memory loss. keeping the secret far from anyone’s knowledge, once they’re in a good place in their life, they find muse b, who’s always telling them they’ll always be there for muse a, no matter the situation. as an effort not to scare them away, they always forget to tell them their confession, as their mind is gradually turning into a flick of dust. muse b quickly catches into the fact that there’s something off with muse a, but can’t quite put their finger on it. ignoring the fact, muse a’s condition is getting worse, their time running short. scared of running muse b away, they’re nearly close to barely reminding even who their self is. will muse b catch on to the severity of muse a’s life-threatening complication?

13. social casualty;

all muse a wanted was to be cared for, and loved. both of which were seldom growing up. now that they’re able to live on their own, the want to find someone who could give them the world was fairly difficult. it wasn’t their picky nature, but the turn-off of cockiness and shallow standards that threw people astray. that was until they were flirting with disaster — other known as, the internship they’d applied for in a big company. and there, was muse b who was as professional as they come. giving muse ball the requirements needed to claim the job, there was one more task to finish in order to settle. a night alone. muse a truly didn’t find much harm in sleeping with their future colleague, as long as the internship was set in stone. and thanks to their decent performance, the job was their’s. will their secret affair get complicated once they beginning to make it a regular occurrence, or will it be when muse a figures out about muse b’s extra weight of a husband/wife involved?

14. never be;

as a teenager, the amount of fun you’re allowed is limited, as muse a knows well. being a reckless individual, however, accesses them to being more than just an underaged kid with an education in motion. living once is all muse a needs to have the time of their life, flipping the coin over to muse b who’s as pre-cautious as they come. because of muse b’s lack of confidence to talk to the people they want to befriend, they create a fake i.d. account, finding it easier to express themselves that way. it came as a surprise when they realized muse a created an account as well, befriending them that way. as they started talking, muse b knew it was wrong, but lying was the only way they knew to keep themselves interesting to muse a. and at first, it was all in the fun of it, until muse a delves into the more personal side of muse b and wants to figure out who exactly they’re sharing information with. will muse b be brave enough to take it further?

15. voodoo doll;

ever since they can remember, muse a has always had issues with their appearance, whether it be their height, to their weight, and even the size of their nose. nobody really thought anything was wrong, but to muse a, everything seemed like it was the biggest deal. but their strive for perfection took a different turn when muse a began starving herself to hit the weight they wanted to be to consider their self normal. but, their boyfriend/girlfriend of three years, muse b, has caught onto their drastic change, and it doing all they can to keep muse a)p> from doing something they regret. how can muse b show muse a is all about the imperfections they have, and not to focus on whatever they aren’t? how long will it take for muse a to figure out the only supporter they need is right in front of them?

16. green light (bonus track);

being manipulative was always muse a’s speciality, including entitling themselves to any person they wanted, and whatever they wanted from them. it scaled from a jealous prank, to an assignment, even to sex that didn’t mean a single bit of passion. and muse a never needed to have strings attached, until muse b came I’m to swoop them off their feet. it’d been the same routine for years — no feelings, no emotions — just sex. and to their surprise, muse b wanted it just as much, if not more than them. the same cycle was oddly getting boring for muse b, although this was something muse a completely wanted to continue, despite their rules to keeping it civil. will their special encounters sour once muse a realizes the real reason why they can’t get over muse b? or will it come down to an intervention of cutting all ties off and never sharing the “friends with benefits” game that started out so simple?

i really wanna do an exes plot where they’d been dating for a really long time and they have a lot of mutual friends and things were starting to get serious. and then suddenly, muse a just leaves a note and disappears, and it’s really only because they’re afraid of commitment because they think they’re not good enough, or thinks muse b will end up leaving them, so they try to beat them to the chase. muse b hates them for leaving the way they did, and it makes them think that they’re the onenot good enough for muse a, and basically they’re both an absolute mess. their friends try to comfort them both, tell them that the other is just as messed up about it as the other person is, but the two end up never speaking to each other again. fast forward a few years, one of their mutual friends is getting married. they ask muse a to be their best man/maid of honor, and invite muse b to the wedding as well. being extremely close to the groom/bride, they both arrive a few days early to help out and plan a bachelor(ette) party and such, but they both completely freak out when they see each other. even worse, due to hotel room mix-ups, the two end up rooming together, too…. basically an exes plot with tons of angst and hate and love and just (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

cute plot about two teens who work at the same booth in a festival or at the same store in the mall and are total opposites and they go to the same high school but they come from completely different cliques but they get along really well but one day they accidentally kiss and they’re just left there like…. holy shit. ((bonus: they both have significant others within their own clique))