Life as a Junior Intern

1st Rotation : Psychiatry       Day 1-15 (04/01/13-04/15/13)


           So this is the life of a JI… and I’m lucky enough ( or am I ) to be having the most benign rotation as my first one. My 1st  DAY routine goes like this:

            PRE – sign in @ 7:00 am

                       Wait for 8:00 am

                        Go down at 8:00 am – at OPD , wait for patients….

                        Watch a movie, play games (Ipod touch), read my

                        non-medical books, talk, eat, wait, wait, and wait….

                        sign out at 5:00 pm

           DUTY – sign in at 7:00 am

                         Wait for 8:00 am

                          Go down at 8:00 am and wait for patients…..

                          Stay at the lounge at 5:00 pm onwards…..

                          Wait for the , lay on bed, sleep

           FROM    wake up before 6:00 am, then take a bath

                           Sign in at 7:00 am wait

                           Wait for 5 pm to sign out

     *You’d be lucky if you had patients with the consultants around.

        With the consultants, they share a lot of interesting nice to know as well as must know things J from patient’s lives to facts about life….

         I’m grateful having spent my 1st rotation ( 1st half ). I may have started off pace, but I’m happy with my new found friends, my group mates  for a year, for the lessons I am learning.

         I must admit, I am still afraid… but hey, everyone starts out this way. I’m glad having to start my JI-ship taking it slow J J J

Next stop: NCMH