This will be the first real post. I’ll delete the others as it’s just to see what edits in the html will look good when I eventually do start posting. I know shit all about this so this will go very slow hah.

Hey there! It is 11:13 pm on the 20th of July, 2012, as I type this. Currently, I’m trying to improve upon this theme as I really like it. Anyway better get back at it.

I will try to make a post everyday as this is primarily to track my attempt at weight loss and will double as my journal/diary/log. I should stop being a little cunt and actually maintain portion control. I should also get another gym memby. I think it’s going to be nearly 1 month since I’ve worked out at one. Brb going catabolic here bro.

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a signatory and non-signatoryare present. Id. (citing Grigson v. CreativeArtists Agen<:y llc></:y>

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Text (OCR)
Getting Out o.f Court and Into Arbitration
By Shea S. Scotl
Shea S. Scott is a shareholder in the Oxf(1rd ojfice of Daniel Coker
Horton & Hell, P.A . Shea holds both a l:J.fJ.A. (summa cum laude) and
. (magna rnm Laude) from the Uniw:rsity of Mississippi where
he also served as the Web and Oevelopme/'I/ Editor rm the Mississippi
I.aw Joumal. Ile has achieved an AV Preeminent rating from
1\1artimlale ·Huhhell and focuses his pru.c:tic:e primarily on Insurance
Defense, including Public Entity!Govemme fltal Liability. Personal
Injury Defense. Premises LU:ibility, 7'ranspon ation law, Arbitration
arul £dui:a1io11 Llrw.
You have been retained to represent
Tires Are Us and its owner. John Doc
is the sole owner of John Doc, lnc. He
brought his company vehicle to Tires
An.: V:s for service . .iohn Doe signed
a service agreement that inc ludcer, courts in Mississippi "will not
hesitate to find a waiver of the right to
compel arbitration" when a party delays
in enforcing that right and participates in
the litigation process. Horton, 926 So. 2d
at 1. 80.
For example, waiver has been found
as a result of extensive pre-trial litigation
where the party requested various types
of cliscovcry, filed a motion for summaty
j udgment, and requested continuances.
Horton, 926 So. 2d at 179-80. Another
party waived arbitration when it failed to
raise arbitration as a defense in its Answer,
requested a jury crial in its Answer,
participated .in discovery, and waited 237
days before filing a motion to compel
arbitration. Pass Termite and Pest Control
v. Walker, 904 So. 2d 1030, 1.035 (Miss.
2004). A defendant who waited 252 days
to assert it<: right to arbitration waived that by waiting too long failing lo raise as an affirmative defense in its answer demanding a jury trial engaging discovery and joining agreed order setting date. lemoll drop props. llc so. at . the court found defendant when it refused pay one-half of costs because this action was not consistent with enforcing arbitration. sanderson farms v. gatlin best practice is follow mandate from mississippi supreme file motion seeking immediately upon suit s ubject filing timely giving notice mocion suspends all proceedings including or responsive pleading but safer may he asserting defonse same time you compel stay pending plaintiff signatory agreement recall john doe car actually owned doc inc. signed service mdla quarterly fall clause did indicate signing on behalf his company now arguing does apply lnc personally. ordinarily party cannot be forced ubrnit dispute has submit adam.1 greenpoint credit ilc fortunately for tires are us non-signatories can bound agreements specific situations united stales held if tb.e applicable state contract law perm.its non-signatory enforce allows binding nonsignatory then applies context also. arthur andersen ca.rlisle u.s. ordinary principles agency bind agreement. r .c. rogers poultry wedgeworth washington mut. fin. group bailey f.3d cir. arb itration close legal relationship such alter ego parent subsidiary relation.c:hip t agents arhitrntion ag.reement against other signatories agent wrongful acts relate behavior principle those within scope provisions covering lemon. allegations substantially interdependent allege concerted between present. id. grigson creative artists agen claims which allow include where arc mdu falt grounded intimately founded intertwined arise out directly containing clause. noble real estate seder ct. app. gulf guar. ufe ins. co. conn. gen. life f. supp. miss. they misconduct both one more contract. grig.wm courts have also enforced agr.eemcnts through estoppel theory. see scruggs ii theory used uvailable non-party embraced accepted benefits later attempted repudiate litigation arose. yet another way thirdparty beneficiary. adams smith barney henry hcco entered benefit least must direct result performance contemplation parties shown terms. burns savings third beneficiary maintain spring terms contracl itscl f ld. sole owner who company. inc third-party under since jn vehicle. furthermore interconnected their based conduct set facts. similarly likely ru him rel ationship asserted us. what denies your despite triaj judge ruled should referred arbitrntion. so do appeal decision rules appellate procedure ruks interlocutory pursuant rule applicahle denying driver pipeline lnc. williams transport clarified how stated there review grant denial shall via sa herrin-gear chevrolet conclusion realize itgrccments treated like any aware procedlu forth getting case into simple. practitioner important request document potentially clients disputes determine outset whether involved. ff without invoking participating process otherwise behaving inconsistent></:>

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