hey guys..im just notice that some of my contestant will celebrating chritsmas. so I’ll extend the deadline to 28Dec. 1KST…and for the finalist, thats mean final deadline become more shorter.maybe 2-3days only.and the score for final task..will be reset..no score from task 1-4count.from that task, I’ll select the winner:)
present??I’ll inform later..

Here the task four.
the deadline become more shorter and i hope u guys cooperate. Deadline: 26Dec 1KST .. hashtag: #ssquaredauditiontaskfour
and for your inform..we will finished our contestbon task 5..one more task to go..and u need to do well in this task..because in this task,I’ll total ure overall score from task 1-4 and find the finalist.. so,just finalist need to do the task 5 or final task to be a winner of this contest..each category just have one winner.so,be prepared.. goodluck