My English teacher purposely failed all her seniors for 3rd quarter to scare us into coming to school and working hard
Yeah that’s great
I got grounded and had anxiety attacks
Some kid probably got beat
Other kids are just gonna stop caring
You should be fired

  • Rachel:I don't know if you've noticed yet or not, but I left you a small container of the potion Shelby uses to keep me from her mind. As a thank you for dinner.
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  • Ryan:One of your songs just came on shuffle so I thought it was appropriate to text you and tell you.
  • Ryan:Also I completely forgot that I had your number and I'm mad at myself for it.

so whatiwishicould when are you gonna talk about actual lgbt issues instead of fetishizing two cis men where one stated that he is straight? Or do you just think everyone is lying all the time?

Also why are you spewing bullshit about feminism then criticizing another women on her nose (something she can’t help?)

Also why do you act like you give a shit about Zayn when you were one of those people “concerned” about his drug habits?

Also why do you act like you care about poc but then think that cultural appropriation doesn’t exist? (I hope you don’t still think this because honey)

Also as someone who is considered an adult, why are you setting such a poor example for the younger kids who spend time looking up to you and going to you for guidance (they shouldn’t but who am I to judge)

Don’t worry, I’ll wait