hey just so you know the FBI are conducting an investigation of the grand jury that didnt indict wilson. that means there’s a huge chance there’ll be a retrial. they’re also investigating the general racism of the police force. have hope. don’t stop fighting.

There is a line in Clean, the last song on 1989 – “When I was drowning, that’s when I could finally breathe.” It talks about the loss of a relationship, but it could be about addiction, depression or the loss of someone. There’s this quote in [the book] The Fault In Our Stars, “Pain demands to be felt.” No matter how many times society tells you to put on a smiling face, pain is going to be felt one way or another, today or a year from now. I’ve seen people go through incredible difficulties and the ones who faced pain head-on made it out quicker than the ones who pretended they were OK.
—  Taylor Swift on ‘Clean’