justlistenandlove1d: Awww yay! Thank you very much! That’s so sweet of you. :D xxx

tina-justme: To be honest, I think it’s rude of you to just demand me to make you a gif for your own. I remember you asking about it before, but I said that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to but I will try my best. Just saying.

harry-niall-liam-louis-zayn: Click here :)

anon1: Pascale…umm I don’t even know how to begin this. Let’s just say her name sounds like a fish and everything she writes on twitter is the beginning of new drama.

1dpartybus: What do you mean by stuff lol?

promisetorememberme: I just wish that all Chronically Crazy Canadian 1D fans live in one area so we’re not all scattered.

anon2: The single will be first heard on Wednesday but on September is when you can buy the single. :) And no, sadly. Only in the UK.

anon3: I’ve lost the link, as mentioned in the tags. Sorry :S But it’s from the Alan Carr Studios.

joekyle: yes.

tilliannatomlinson-deactivated2 asked:

omg, ellie. Were gonna be the best of mates. I'll see you all the time, Louis's told me that you and Hazza are moving in next door to us. Whens the wedding? Let's hope we havent booked the same day. ;) xx

But… I’m dating Liam. All this Haz nonsense… I blame Niall. 

I’m in actual tears right now omg lololol

But I suppose Leeyum and I could move next door to you? One the opposite side of Harry’s house. And we haven’t come up with a date just yet, seeing as how every thing is a litttle crazy atm. ;) xxx